What’s up with all the (Black women/White men) relationship questions?

Personally I didn’t know what to think of black women with white men. I wasn’t racist that’s for sure. I was just wondering why the sudden burst of black women/white men couples. It was for me like literally waking up one day and seeing this. I didn’t like it or have the reaction &quot:Yes, black women are dating white men&quot: or hate it I had no feelings towards it actually. I’ve just seen it in public. People could be over complicating this whole situation. Remember that there are way more white men then any other men out there (maybe a few exceptions, don’t quote me on this) and People date whoever they come in contact with in their daily lives thus if a black women works in whatever job and all she sees are white men who do you think she’s going to date? You see black women or women in general don’t just hand everyone their phone numbers. At least from what I’ve seen They have just gone with whoever was available. Now if you look up the statistics about black men there aren’t that much and that’s a fact. Too many deaths to count has caused the black men population to dwindle dramatically and a lot die at birth and in their youthful years. I don’t want to sound like I’m putting my own kind down, but unfortunately it’s true. Now there’s a lot of black women who are getting mind blowing jobs taking top positions and are doing well. I love that!! I am in college for business and there are lots of black women in there for that major and white women too. There are black males in there but the black women easily overwhelm them. As for me I’m a black male who is in college majoring in finance so I can start my own corporation and be a C.E.O. or a stockbroker/Trader

I think there have been a lot of questions regarding BW/WM relationships due to the fact that they are becoming more common, not just in society but in media as well. For instance there will be two new movies coming out this month with main characters in this specific relationship. But I feel you made some valid points about why black women may date other ethnicities, I’ve heard that the black male population is decreasing especially within the work &amp: education field.

I myself am a black women who dates interracially, I just love men no matter what their ethnic background is, I am approached way more by non black men, I am rarely around any and don’t feel obligated to break my neck to find one. I date who is available and shares my common interests. Who knows maybe once the percentage of the relationship between black women/white men is huge, society will focus on another kind of union.
…good luck with your career!

Black Relationship Questions

I don’t know either man. But i think it’s great that diversity is occurring all over the place though. People need to get the prejudice thoughts out of their minds.

Hey, I’m just glad to see more Black woman / white man relationships out there, cause I LOVE black women.

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