what happened during WW2?

i want to know what else happened other than pearl harbor and the invasion on poland 🙂 thnx

well hitler came to power in 1933, invaded poland. britain declared war on germany, italy declared war on britian, france declared waron italy, germany declared war on france. then hitler started taking over the middle east and rounding up all the jews and taking them to death/ concentration camps. then as that was happening, the us declared neutral. then in 41, japan bombed pearl harbor, the next day, FDR declared war on Japan. then as we get in the war with japan, we also got in to war with germany and italy. then this big war started with the axis powers being germany, italy, and japan and the allies were the us, Great Britian, France, Canada, and like 65 other nations. it was all a big mess. hoped i help out a bit

The children would go in a train over to the countryside, live with a family member or complete stranger if they had no relatives in the countryside. They wouldn’t be killed by German bombing raids over England’s cities or big towns. They would help make Morrison shelters with there ‘owners’ and go to the nearest school to them.

there was a war- a lot of people battled- chinese, black, white, american, Germany- hitler was the worst one

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