voices tell me to cut myself and kill myself?

ive seen and heard things for a while.

But lately, a girl tells me to cut myself, and kill myself. I get a knife and i chicken out. Im scared of her, i still hear her when i put my hands over my ears. Last night, she told me to hurt my dog in her sleep. I promised myself i wouldnt no matter what. and i didnt, she hasnt told em to hurt my boyfriend yet. She told me i cant tell my cousellor or doctor. she threatens me.
Last night, i was so scared, and upset. i started physically vommiting everywhere…
its really effecting me
She tells me nobody wants me alive, espeashially my boyfriend :[
im on anxiety medication.. they arnt doing anything 🙁
i dont know what to do?

I WONT TELL PARENTS NOT AN OPTION. or school. i dont like school.
im 16.

please go see someone who can help you..this is all psychological and if its not u need to figure it out

Something similar happened to me when I was about your age. I did not seek any attention at the time, so a diagnosis that it ws a psychotic episode, has never been made. I was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder…those symptoms for me came along with a really nasty depressive episode, the sort of one where you’re extremely depressed mood wise, yet still have a lot of energy. It was terrifying, confusing and lonely and I think not getting help as a teenager has led to a few of the problems that I experience as an adult, but I’ve accepted it.

I don’t know why you’re having these symptoms, but I’m telling you my experience because the only thing I can do is encourage that you get help now before you do yourself more damage (with the self-injury) or suicide. Things will get better. Episodes of mental illness, whether it be bipolar disorder, or psychotic episodes of schizophrenia, do not last forever…things will get better and yea, the doctors and the psychologist and the medications suck, but they’re not as bad as what you’re experiencing now.

I know it’s just me and the experience of someone very close to me, who also had a psychotic bipolar episode as a teenager, things are different when you’re older. There is something about the teenage brain that makes these kinds of episodes of mental illness so much worse. If you do have a chronic illness (which you may not, remember that, it could be a neurological issue, or a one time incident of psychosis) the episodes you experience later in life, even those diagnosed as severe, may be nothing like those as a teenager in intensity. They haven’t been for me or the one person I know, but that’s anecdotal really. Just get some help. I know it’s scary and I couldn’t do it myself, but I encourage you anyway.

Wow okay you are going through some pretty serious stuff right now, my best advice for you is to call 1-800-suicide. As I tell everyone it is a free line. They talk to you privately even for problems smaller than suicide. If you’re in need of help and can’t pay a therapist this is your best bet. They won’t track you down and find you if they think you’re gonna kill yourself. They’ll do whatever they can, even if that is coming down to get you (if you approve of it).
I hope you’ll do okay in the future. Fight the voice and even if it’s hard, tell your parents later. I think that’s the best bet 🙂 And trust me I don’t like school either and my depression pills didn’t work either but I got help after the 1-800-suicide call. Give em a call and good luck dear.

Honey how old are you? You will be fine! The voices aren’t real! Think of all the fun times you’ve had in you’re life! If you’re a mother think of you’re children! I would seek help, hundreds of people have the same problem as you! Very little get put under the mental health act! You need to be treated soon. Try looking up strategies to calm you’re self down. Get well soon! God bless you’re heart!!!!

This Site Might Help You.

voices tell me to cut myself and kill myself?
ive seen and heard things for a while.

But lately, a girl tells me to cut myself, and kill myself. I get a knife and i chicken out. Im scared of her, i still hear her when i put my hands over my ears. Last night, she told me to hurt my dog in her sleep. I promised myself i wouldnt no matter…

I’ve been there. I tried killing myself twice because I was hearing voices. But tell your parents, and get help. And if you really can’t trust your parents, tell a good friend who you know won’t tell people. Either way It’s a good idea to tell at least SOMEONE what is going on with you. Stay strong, and remember it gets better.

well, if you do not want to tell your parents the next best thing is God
pray the lords prayer &quot: Our Father Prayer as soon as you heard those voices, kept saying it until the voices leave.
you are very strong person, because you hold back and do not listen to this evil spirit that tells you to kill yourself
you need to be strong not only for you, and your boyfriend too, how do you think it would hurt him if you did some thing to hurt yourself or even kill yourself, your boyfriend would be effected for the rest of his life over this crazy tragedy ( a voice) Your parents, grandparents, cousins, all your friends will be effected also

tell this evil spirit voice you are not longer scared and say the Our Father do not let the evil spirit stop you
you are a child God and you want to hear good things about what good blessing the future holds for you
and your boyfriend your family and friends.

dream good things and watch and see how miracles come your way.
You will be ok I feel it.

Sounds like you need either an exorcist or anti-psychotic medication.

Even though you have been assessed with anxiety in the past this does not mean that a new symptom cannot occur, especially if you are in your teens (late teens). I’m not a doctor, but i have heard that things like voices can occur around your age. You probably should find out if there is a history in your family, usually there is a history.

Last but not least, you should never entertain those voices, you should see the movie &quot:A Beautiful Mind&quot: it is a true story.

Voices are your subconscious.
This girl kept trying to persuade you, which indeed succeed, your subconscious that is.
I’ve never met this type of situation before, so I have no accurate answer.
But try to look at life in a positive attitude, love it, cherish it.
Become a positive and cheerful person, be more confident.
Don’t let them overthrow you.
If you keep this up, in time, you will lose the ones you love.
Im sure you don’t want that to happen right?
Try to block out the voice, use music, TV whatever you can do.
And what the hell is up with the no body wants you alive?!
Why do you think you were born?
Your parents wants you, your friends, your bf.
Think of what will happen if you start to hurt someone or yourself, those who loves you will get very upset.
Your family loves you, that’s why you were born

n excellent online resource to &quot:chat&quot: real time with peers who may be experiencing the same feelings or issues as you are is http://www.ChatSuicide.org. ChatSuicide.org is an anonymous text-based chat that you can access from your phone or computer. Peer support is often recognized as more effective than some of the other support options, but should not in itself replace other forms of help either.

Give it a try, it’s anonymous – http://www.ChatSuicide.org

you either need to make an emergency appointment with your doctor or local mental health team….. or your counsellor. why are you so adamant you wont tell your parents? you need to be assessed by a mental health team as soon as possible where they may give you other medication….remember those voices may seem real ….. but they are not, so go make that appontment

anxiety wont cause voices, you need to be assesed for what your seeing and hearing. gl.

i wish you best of luck

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