Should McCain choose Condoleeza Rice as VP and REALLY win the election?

She’s smart. She’s a person of color. She’s experienced. She fills out the Republican team for this year’s election very well.

And a McCain/Rice ticket would really screw with Obama’s plans for the presidency! What could the PC police say?….hmmmm?

What do you think, good idea?

I think Condoleezza Rice would be an excellent choice because of her intelligence, charm, demeanor, and dignity. She would, without a doubt, put the crass, common behavior of Obama to shame, just by comparison.
Anyone who thinks Obama has charm and charisma does not see what many of us with black heritage see. We see common: we see ghetto: we see a jumped up ****** (yes, we use that word) who is full of himself.
Have you ever seen Condoleezza Rice give a speech where she obstiniously &quot:scratches her face&quot: with her middle figure and then gets so tickled at the gesture she has done that she has to giggle like a school girl? No, you have not and you will not.
That’s what I’m talking about: the difference between class and no class.
So yeah….very good idea. She would be an excellent choice.

does it matter I think the majority of americans or fed up with the way the country has been run in the last 8 years….

i agree we need a conservative on the ticket, i don’t care what color or gender they are

OMG, Please God NO… let her go on . I hope McCain has better sense than that…

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