Senior Citizens!, may I offer up my poem for your perusal? hope you can relate to it!…?

My Mother. The days are long gone, when I heard you say, I wish my Mother, was here today! You said these words, but I never knew! What they meant, till I lost you: And then my dear, too late!, you see. I realise now, what you meant to me!. I own not much, my riches are few, Poorer now ,since I lost you!. But whatever I own , I would give it all, To hear once more, my name you call. I always wrote words, to tell my heart , But to tell of you, I cannot start . But!, if God lets you he ar, and I hope He will. Hear these words Mam,I LOVE YOU STILL. Silent thoughts for you, and tears , Regrets for heart aches, through the years . God, take care of Mom , day by day . I WISH MY MOTHER, WAS HERE TODAY…..

I just changed the word Mum to my sons name,

and it all meant to much to me.

My son took his own life just on 2 years ago.

Thankyou Thomas, being allowed to remember like this is so comforting.

Lovely and heartfelt poem Thomas, thank you.

Him wants him’s mama.

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