poll are your pets fixed?

poll are your pets fixed?
an when did you have then fixed

Yes Mr Pepsi Fizwidget ~ had his operation when he was 6 months old ~

Hi Tabitha,
I have 2 that has been fixed..They were a year old, when I had that done..I have 2 that are not..They are all great dogs..
Your Friend,

Yes, I got my Dog fixed when he was a puppy.
This way, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Yes both my animals are fixed and it’s best to do it within their 1st year

i got 3cats and 1 dog. 2 cats are done now with 1 more cat to go. but the dog is out of control with humping legs,so he is going next month.

I am fixed and so is my brother. We like it that way.

I have them fixed as soon as they are old enough (when they are very young).

yes my Cat is fixed when she was a kitten

No. We have a Boxer with champion blood lines. We may breed him with our neighbor who also has a pure breed boxer.

No but I wish my dog was but the vet told me his liver probably couldn’t handle the anesthesia

are you kidding then i couldn’t hoard all of them i have 100 of them and im expecting at least double that tomorrow……….im kidding one dog and yes he is fixed i got him that way

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