Pit Bull Terriers?

I am allergic to dogs and mostly need hypoallergenic dogs. I have very bad allergies to pollen. and right now I am haveing really bad allergies as it is. But I found a dog at the Humane Society and it is a Pit Bull Terrier. My question is do they shed a lot? Or would they be a somewhat good hypo-allergenic dog. If not I dont want an ungly dog and a small dog. I want a medium sized dog. Thanks

APBT’s do shed, but they have shorter hair. Still it’s the dander that is the danger. Some dog breeds are tolerated by allergy prone people. You might do fine around an APBT or other dog that is more to your liking if you take something like Claritin D. (or whatever a dr. recommends.) A relative is highly allergic to dogs and when he visits he takes Claritin D and is fine. Otherwise his eyes are killing him and he’s sneezing all the time.
I don’t know if you like miniature poodles or not. They don’t tend to shed as much dander as other breeds. They are also not small like toy poodles are. They are medium sized. Or you could get a small standard.
But if you love the Bully breed, ask your doc about allergy meds. Research whatever breed you get. Some home owners associations or for rent properties have breed restrictions.

Bull Terrier Allergies

There is a list of dogs out there, but, unfortunatly some people react differently to different dogs. One person with alergies that has no problem with the poodle and another person with allergies could have a problem with the breed. Labradoodles have shown to be good for alergy sufferers (as well as other poodle mixes). If you get a mix like this, get one at the shelter. Some Labradoodles I have found to be adorable, while others I have found to be ugly.

West Highland White Terriers (Westie) is another good dog. they are not a small dog like a Chihuahua, they tend to range from about 15 to 25 pounds. They have long hair that does need to be groomed (I had one that I would take to the groomer once a month and have completly shaved with the westie head). They are a Terrier and are yappers and are too smart for their own good. They will attach themselves to you very quick and will love you forever.

Miniture Schnauzer is another one, they range about 15 lbs. I dont know much about this breed but they are a very cute dog.

Bichon Frise is another dog, I have a grandma who has this dog, and she is a great car buddy and is very good with strangers.

Kerry Blue Terrier is another dog, They are a breed from Ireland and range from about 30 to 40 pounds. I had one as a little girl and he was a great dog that did well with our other dogs.

Apparently Italian Greyhounds are another breed you could consider. They average about 10 lbs but can be 15. They are surprisingly sturdy dogs and do not shed much. If you find the right dog they can actually be very cute dogs and are very sweet. I have a Chi/italian greyhound mix who is actually only 6 lbs and is a very resiliant dog. She put up with a ton of abuse from my 2 year old neice and keeps wagging her tail. She is a yapper and is a better gaurd dog than my Pit Mix.

Look some more on the internet, I know there a TON of other breeds that might suit your needs, goodluck!

There is no such thing as a no shed dog. You can get a low shed like a poodle, chihuahua or other short/coarse haired dog.
An APBT will shed, but the hair will be so short you may not notice.

You could get a Standard Poodle. BTW, you aren’t &quot:allergic to dogs&quot: you are allergic to their dander or saliva. The coat and shedding is not the problem in 99% of the cases with allergies. As long as you keep the dog groomed, dandruff free and keep their coat in good condition (and drooling to a minimum, lol) you’ll be o.k.

Don’t get a Pit Bull just because you think they’re hypoallergenic.

NO dog is hypoallergenic – ALL dogs have dander, and very few shed minimally.

Do you have any experience with Pit Bulls? Experience with powerful breeds?

I wouldn’t recommend a PB to just anyone – they need a special owner, with LOTS of time, and patience. Not the dog for everyone.

Yes, they do shed, but minimally. I wouldn’t take the chance if you have allergies to dogs, because you might end uphaving to get rid of the dog because you are indeed allergic.

No dog is supposedly hypoallergenic although some dogs like poodles don’t produce as much dander and shed as much. Standard poodles are pretty large though and great dogs! Pit bulls shed a lot! Don’t let that smooth coat fool you. It’s easy to care but sheds quite a lot!

there is no such thing as a non-shedding hypoallergenic dog.
dogs shed dead hair. that is fact. some shed buckets, others shed more like WE do..(check your hair brush for proof of that).
ppl are allergic to dander not hair. if the dog has skin, it has dander…low shedding dogs dander is less allergenic than heavy shedders…that is all.

most ppl who have allergies have mild to moderate allergies, they usually do not have SEVERE allergies, otherwise even these low shedding dogs would set them off.
i have a friend that cannot have ANY pets. she is seriously allergic to any animal. including so called hypoallergenic pets like poodles etc.

low shedding dogs:

APBT may not be the heaviest shedders, but they DO shed.

They shed and have dander. They aren’t, to my knowledge, hypoallergenic.


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