Obamas Experience?

What Experience does Barack Obama have?

Mostly campaigning.

Here is he voting record, lots of NVs (No Votes):


I think he was an Illinois State Senator and was was involved with Chicago politics. Then he has been a congressional Senator for 2 years.

I don’t understand why people say he’s not experienced enough to be President. Most of the Presidents we’ve had over the last few decades, who supposidily had alot of experience didn’t fare so well. Bush has ravished our country in 8 years, Reagan acted his way through his Presidential term, Carter was harmless, yet totally ineffective, Nixon, don’t get me started, Johnson split this country over Viet Nam, which leaves us Kennedy, who was one of the most beloved Presidents of our time. Now we have another candidate, not much different from Kennedy and will bring his own experience to Washington.

It’s not how much experience you have. it’s what you do with the experience you do have.

Dear Keg:

&quot:Experience&quot:~ Schmeryance!

Look what 7 + YEARS of &quot:experience&quot:
has given us in the Oval Office!

NO Prez has had &quot:experience&quot:
to be the Commander-In-Chief!
(Maybe FDR)

If &quot:experience&quot: were a genuine criterion
to be prez~ Bob Dole would be Prez!

To Specifically ans. your ques?
He served 12 years in the IL Legislature!
He is a current IL Congressional Senator now!
He is a Top Notch Harvard Lawyer~
&amp: Community Organizer.

Christ Keg! He WON the Presumtive Demo
Nomination, beating out everyone in a
Brilliant Campaign!

What do YOU want Keg?
4 more years of GOP &quot:experience&quot:?

Vote Obama~
NO Drama!

Is there a class or training for president of the U.S. LMAO

Did George Washington have Experience?

Bush Has Experience look you are paying $6/gallon gas
Explain Bush’s experience…we are in a mild recession
inflation has far outpaced earnings.
Housing market worse in 20 years …….

How will you get experience to become president not the military…………I was in the military can I be president.

Should I be Old as dirt(McFlopper)with cancer

Being probed anally as a POW doesn’t qualify you for president

he will go homestead ok straight away to the White homestead. Your thinking is so way off that i could no longer even giggle, i replaced into only unhappy. What management journey are you speaking approximately with Palin, she does not even examine the newspapers exterior of Alaska, and the inhabitants there is not any adventure for the inhabitants of the finished u . s . a .. This woman has shown that she is conscious truthfully no longer something relating to the themes of united statesa.. it may be advantageous to have a woman in workplace, yet a woman with some form of expertise. The question I save asking is why replaced into she choosen through fact the vp nominee? As for raising her kinfolk of five, please she isn’t doing a hellva interest there LOL. journey is what have been given us right here, with each and all the journey in command and McCain having 35 years of it, we are at our worst, we prefer somebody clean that fairly has our terrific interest at heart. Obama has shown his plan and what it may take for him to get there, McCain has shown none, purely that he’s prepared to have been given the place he theory replaced right into a foul direction in 2002 against Bush. He has agreed with almost each determination Bush has positioned forth on united statesa., now through fact Bush isn’t prevalent he’s against his strikes, he doesn:t comprehend the place he stands, he’s only fascinated in warfare, something that we don’t prefer. He suggested he will positioned a freeze on each thing how do we functionality with a freeze, he’s no longer thinking till now he speaks, is this what you easily need. McCain/Palin purely is conscious the thank you to swim in the trenches of feces, no longer one in each of them (McCain/Palin) has any concept or is even thinking approximately what they’re going to do to get united statesa. back on the right song. Palin has been given a dresser it is extreme, and for what its in contrast to she is even doing interviews, communicate a pair of waste of money regardless in spite of if it is from the GOP or private backers, then while it hits the fan, she says she will donate the outfits to women who’re finding for jobs, are you extreme&gt: She has taken liberty to apply Alaska’s money to transport her kinfolk to locations even locations the place they weren’t invited, human beings awaken, we prefer a clean exchange Obama/Biden 08

I think your question was an oxymoron… but basically he has a lot of experience in fooling a bunch of people with an unwarranted sense of self importance that he is capable of being president.

Believe it or not, this may be useful. He may be able to fool our enemies into believing that he is actually God as well and then they’ll stop attacking us. That has got to be his motive, because he has no experience at anything else other than fooling people.

none and 2 years as a ‘yes man’ hardly can be called ‘experience’–do a little research for your complete answers–

He doesn’t have any experience to run this country.

experience? i think you mean lack thereof. he has been a senator for 2 years….and that’s about it.

NONE! a junior senator from Ill where he accomplished nothing but sit his Lilly white/black self in a hateful minister’s Church for 20+ years! And he is Muslim to boot!

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