Natural blonde Vs. Bleach/fake blonde? what do you prefer?

Im naturally blonde, a medium/honey blonde and i love my hair and could never bleach it, but i was wondering what you think looks better?

The natural blondes or white/bleach blonde hair?

Natural blonde. Fake blonde doesn’t look good on most people

I definitely like natural blondes. Your hair colour sounds very beautiful anf gorgeous. I have blachair and it’s very straight and when it’s in the light it turns reddish-brown.

Natural is definitely the best and honey blonde is actually one of my favourite hair colours! Even though I’d never get it myself.

But there are some fake/bleach blondes that look good.

Example: Cassie Davis.

Well to be honest, my daughter is a qualified hairdresser, and has had pink, blue, green, black, brown, highlighted, burgundy, purple, black, and blonde hair, and out of them all she looks gorgeous with her hair the colour it is at the moment, and that’s platinum blonde. She has a sort of Pink hairstyle, and she really suits it. She was a strawberry blonde up until she was about 15!!

Of course natural. Not many colours can suit you other than your natural colour, and most fake blondes look really obvious.

Natural blonde without any doubt.

natural blonde is better -the bleach is too barbie doll fake ish

I lovelovelove bleach blonde, that is the color my hair is now and that is how it is going to stay for a long time! 😀

Bleached blonde looks hotter!

Natural for sure
bleached makes you look like a barbie

i’d prefer bleached/fake blonde hair they r more attractive

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