My 3 almost 4 year old son refuses to go on the potty?

When he first turned three he thought it was cool to pee on the potty he wore big boy underwear and then he just stopped. everytime he had to go to the bathroom he peed his pants. Now if you sit him on the potty he’ll just cry and cry and wont do anything but as soon as he gets off the potty he’ll go in his diaper i don’t know what to do we are at our wits end.

Bribery. My daughter saw a school bus and wants to go to school to &quot:color and play&quot: with other kids. We told her she can’t go to school until she’s potty-trained. She know asks to sit on the potty because she wants to go to school. She just turned 3. Nothing else has worked up to this point so I’m hoping the &quot:school&quot: trick will work. Try finding something he really wants to do and using that as his reward system.

Give him a little time say like 2weeks and try again but this time get rid of the diapers and pull-ups. I really don’t believe in those darn things there just like diapers and lot of children just don’t understand or they are to lazy hey if I have a diaper on why don’t I just go in it. That’s what happen to my 3 year old he was in pull-ups for a year in a half finally I took away the pull-ups and magically within two days he was potty trained. Children do not like to feel pee running down their leg and I think some of them need to feel that in order to finally start using the potty. Let him know that he’s a big boy and also let him no that he gets say 1 or 2 more weeks wearing his diaper and maybe mark it on a calendar and explain to him when we get to that day that all you r diapers are gone and it’s time to be a big boy now. Don’t worry he’ll get it. I would just back off for a little bit and maybe make him think its his decision. Some children are not ready until they are 4 or even 5 it happens he will get there! I’m also wondering if there is something else going on in your household since he was potty trained previously like maybe a new baby, or a new home if that’s the case then you need to ask a new question.

Good luck to you I hope this helps some!

That’s normal for kids already potty trained to have a accident I watch a almost 4 year old an he had been potty trained or over a year. Last week he had 2 accidents and then tried to hide it from me and when I asked if he has a accident he said no when he really did. Just don’t make a huge deal out of it like you said. Tell him accidents happen, but next time use the potty. Also say, you need to speak up when you have a accident and its ok. Just talk to him.

Is he in underwear still? Does he like being wet? Are you using a small potty or a potty seat? Is he standing or sitting?
Put him in underwear with plastic outer lining, if he doesn’t like the feeling he won’t do it anymore. If that doesn’t work then make him change himself, it takes longer and he will miss out on more fun time.
If you are using the bog potty be sure you have a stool so that he can push with his legs for poop, without that they can’t poop in the potty.
If he’s sitting let him stand to pee, and use something flushable as a target, what boy (or man) doens’t love that idea? Cheerios work great or fruit loops for colored targets.
Last but not least, don’t act as though it’s as big of a thing as it is. Okay you don’t have to go in the potty but you will have to clean yourself up. He’s old enough you can reason some with him.

How frustrating for you! My son was older too when he first used the potty. We had a big Potty Party for him, and the day care even participated in the day of celebration. He was old enough to reason with, so we let him know that after the Potty Party, there would be no more diapers. Period. It was messy for a while, but he got the hang of it, and so will your son!

Good luck!

I have had plenty of friends go through this same thing. For my daughter, just before she turned two years old, I tried a few things with no success. Then I came across the bubble gum machine. I bought a bubble gum machine and put it in the bathroom. I told her that each time she used the toilet that she could push the lever and watch a ball shoot down and she could have it. After about three times she was hooked and the rest was history. I told her no more diapers!!! Good luck to you!

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