Libs: Now that Obama will be proposing higher taxes, will he get rid of the corporate loopholes as well?

You know… for Big Pharma, GE, and hundreds of others?

How about that revolving list of Lobbyists that don’t show up on the White House logs, since their secret meetings are being held ‘off campus’. Will that change, or will lobbyists still continue having the upper hand, like they’ve had with this administration as well as past administrations?

Please note that I’ve added past administrations into my last questions so you can’t use Bush as an excuse.


Oh, and contrary to popular belief, I know of nobody that supports corporate welfare, although as a conservative, I’m accused of it.

I certainly hope so. And I commend you for being one of the few cons principled enough to criticize corporate welfare (even if it is in the context of taking a shot at Obama). I have the opposite experience as you – most cons I meet either deny corporate welfare exists or brushes it aside, claiming that school teachers are the bigger problem.

Never! he’s a crony capitalist, which is an integral part of statism/socialism. Control is as good as ownership, and so Obama has Goldman Sachs and many others in his back pocket.

It is also known as corporatism, or Italian fascism.

You will be happy to know he is calling for both lowering Corporate taxes and closing the loopholes…


&quot:Mr. Obama said he wants to “lower the rate for corporations, but eliminate a bunch of the loopholes so that everybody is paying the same and it’s fair.” The administration has begun developing a corporate-tax overhaul plan.&quot:


Now that Obama will be proposing higher taxes, will he get rid of the corporate loopholes as well? Yes just like Bush did.

You have a link to those higher taxes or are they just in your mind.

a thief is a thief, liar a liar, the shoe fits, cannot aquitter be !!!

Obama will take care of his voters and screw the rest of us.

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