Is this the Republican definition of a compromise?

I want this, this, and that – and you’d better bend to all of my demands. Oh, and you get nothing in return. If you ask for ANYTHING in return – then you’re a Socialist and you hate America.

The Republicans are acting like children. They refuse to play ball unless they get everything they want. In this case they refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless Obama and the Democrats agree to cut social security, medicare, medicaid and further cut taxes. Clearly this isn’t going to happen.

The Republicans have to raise the debt ceiling, otherwise the US will default on its debt, US credit becomes worthless and the world collapses in to a massive recession from overwhelming market uncertainty.

The majority of American people see that republican party just cares about beating President Obama in 2012 and nothing more. They will pay the price in 2012.

That’s funny, the dems won’t bend on raising taxes, they want to close loopholes and deductions that are commonly used by the rich AND THE middle class and raise 1.2 TRILLION dollars more in revenue. This will amount to the largest tax increase in many, many, years. They don’t seem to want to bend. Also, they won’t bend on extending the debt ceiling till 2013, why, why not just extend it to the end of this year and JUST vote on that. Obama just said he would not bend on increased revenues and would not bend on the 2013 extension, so tell me again, how are the dems compromising?

The presdent has spent over $4 billion a day….the republicans are simply saying that if he wants to raise the debt ceiling he has to stop spending so much money so we don’t reach the ceiling and have to raise it yet again.

As your President said 2 years ago – &quot:We Won&quot:.

The House did their job and passed a bill, the ball is in The Senate`s(democrat) court now.

It’s a damned sight more like a compromise than deeming something passed and telling the opposition they’ll have to pass a bill to see what’s in it.

Thats what the dems in WI did. Hypocrite

Sounds about right.

I want a balance budget and you want to increase our debt….true compromise is what? $2trillion in cuts? OK…I’m game for that, are you?

Pretty much.
Plus, you have to apologize.

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