Is the bmw 1 series hatchback RWD? or FWD?

forward power or rear power

RWD. i love that car and i hope they bring it to the US soon

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Is the bmw 1 series hatchback RWD? or FWD?
forward power or rear power

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Most BMWs are RWD that includes the 1 series

Yes it is RWD, but there is a strong rumour that the next generation model will also have an ‘xDrive’ all wheel drive option. However, the new 1 Series-based X1 mini-SUV is available in all wheel drive figuration which might rule this out.

The 1 series are rear wheel drive, however not all bmw’s are only rear wheel drive. Some are available with all wheel drive.

e87 1 series are rear wheel drive and the bmw mini is the only front wheel drive car bmw make.

All BMWs are rear wheel drive

Rear I believe


its the only vehicle in its class that is rwd

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