How is that conservatives think liberals and libertarians want the government to control everything?

The talking heads for the GOP like to say that the liberals want the government to control everything in your lives, yet it was the GOP and the Conservatives that pushed and still pushes to pass law that make us less free.

They talk about how socialism means less freedom, and people believe them without understanding what socialism is. We have become a country that believes the power is in the government and that the government knows what is best for us in our personal lives.

Most liberals I know are anarchist toward government control of their private lives, while most conservatives are for giving up freedoms for having more control thereby giving the government more control over their private lives. Most liberals do not give in to the fear of something bad may happen, while conservatives live in fear.

the answer is simple. Progressives are &quot:progressing&quot: in steps to total government control.

So look.. Lets say I have worked my way through college, and receive a Doctorate Degree, or what have you and I become a millionaire.. Congrats to me right? I earned what I received. Now do you HONESTLY think that what I have made, and what I have worked so hard for my whole life should be handed out to people who choose not to work, and to live off the Government?? Think about that. Now on point… Republicans and Conservatives believe in making our own decisions. Not having the Government control what we do, or don’t do. Ever been to the South? Its maddening at how much pride we have for our lives, and families. On the other spectrum the Liberals, and Democrats want to make opportunities equal for everyone. The logic is where??? I see none! The government does not have the right to impose anything on the American people that has not been identified under Constituational Law. That is the difference…. What you make is your own decision. What you do for a living is your own choice..How you decide to pay for your Dr. Visits is your own business NOT the governments.

A mystery… Wrote Paglia — herself a life-long Democrat: &lt:&lt:But somehow liberals have drifted into a strange servility toward big government, which they revere as a godlike foster father-mother who can dispense all bounty and magically heal all ills. The ethical collapse of the left was nowhere more evident than in the near total silence of liberal media and Web sites at the Obama administration’s outrageous solicitation to private citizens to report unacceptable &quot:casual conversations&quot: to the White House. If Republicans had done this, there would have been an angry explosion by Democrats from coast to coast. I was stunned at the failure of liberals to see the blatant totalitarianism in this incident, which the president should have immediately denounced. His failure to do so implicates him in it.&gt:&gt:

the fact that you put liberals and libertarians together shows how little you know. first of all, libertarian is a very broad term. the least you could of done was narrow it down. second of all how can you seriously say liberals are anarchist? liberals want the government to give you health care, food, housing, and even spends millions of dollars to give people in rural areas high speed internet. they ban tans fats in food, theyre trying to ban swearing in california, they protest ads that are against their ideology (such as the tebow super bowl ad or more recently the focus on the family ad the ncaa banned that wasnt even controversial), they want government taking most of your money in taxes, and redistributing the wealthy’s money to the poor. they want you to be able to marry who you want, and abort babies whenever you want (what about the babies rights?) but want you to have to pay for everyone elses laziness. its liberal policies that are destroying this country. and you say the GOP doesnt care about minorities, but its liberal policies that are keeping blacks down. entitlement programs have destroyed the black family, and now only 20% of black children live with both parents. liberals tell them the government should provide for them, and they never learn how to provide for themselves. you really need to do some homework before osting buddy, your ignorance is ridiculous.

and if you like socialism so much, read this.

Liberals are anarchists toward government control? LOL dude what log cabin do you live in? You need to expose yourself to more people.

Liberals want government controlled health care and Conservatives do not want this.

It’s bad enough to deal with bureaucrats at the DMV.

Wait until we have to deal with bureaucrats for a simple medical procedure and we get denied – then what? You can not go anywhere else to have it done – you will be at the mercy of the bureaucrat.

Many restrictions can be passed in the future – under the guise of protecting your health which the government now pays for – any law is now justified as long as it protects your health.

First of all, no conservative believes that libertarians want the government to control everything… everyone knows that libertarians want extremely minimal control. I think your lack of political knowledge made you think that liberals and libertarians are the same.

Second, our county believes in the power of people, human being who have been given the capacity for incredible feats and abilities, and not surrendering that power to government. That being said, our constitution does delegate special powers to the federal government, such as military protection and international affairs.

As for your last statement, liberals live in fear because they are afraid of those who have succeeded. Conservatives live in freedom knowing that they can succeed without large amounts of regulation.

It isn’t the GOP.

It is what the Libs say on here and in the real world.

Actually libs think libs know what socialism is. And because of that libs are closed off to any reason it might not be good. We should ALL be educating each other by having different opinions.

Maybe I agree with 2/4ths of what libs might have said. But because I don’t 100% agree libs shut out why I don’t agree.

I do try to see the other side (as you can tell here)

Tell me about this? Educate me on how and why this is good.



Just what I thought.

How can liberals be anarchists when its they that increase the taxes, increase the spending and put more and more people under the thumb of government?

This health plan

Yes, the GOP has some social ideas that control people because they are traditional

The Liberals let you date who you want but only if every cent you own goes to their coffers.

I think it is because they are &quot:men&quot:. (women are excused) Men don’t want socialism, a nanny-state, hand-outs, or a free-ride. Men want to be free. We want liberty and choices. Men know in their hearts the satisfaction of a hard days work and the joy of enriching their families lives by being honest hard-working providers. A man loses part of his soul by taking charity. I must conclude liberals are not &quot:men&quot:.

Libertarians in america means less government, while in Europe… it means the opposite.

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