HELP!!Wild kitten has gone ice cold, it’s mother is running around frantically,has started to dig a hole, why?

At our house we have wild cats around but we feed them and they come in and out of our utility room. A wild cat always has kittens and as she trusts my mum she has the baby in a little basket in our utlity she did the same last week but now the wild kitten has gone ice cold but is still alive and the mother of the kitten is frantically running around the utlitity and is now digging a hole. PLEASE HELP i seriously don’t want it to die!! please.

Here is a website about taking care of baby kittens. I’ll give you the link to the part about warming up a cold kitten. http://www.kitten-rescue.com/cold_kitten…

Take a sock and fill with uncooked rice, tie it shut, then heat it in the microwave for 1 minute. feel it to make sure not too hot. (if so, wrap it in a towel to make sure it does not burn the kitten).
Then wrap that &quot: rice sock&quot: around the kitten in the basket.
Also put some towels in the dryer to heat up, and then wrap them around the kitten. (and keep re-heating them)
Can you also turn up the heat in the utility room? or put a space heater there?

FEEDING If the mother cat is not nursing the kitten enough (at this age he needs to nurse about every 2 hours) or doesn’t have enough milk, you’ll need to bottle feed. You will have to buy a kitten bottle and some kitten formula — NOT regular cow’s milk! that can make him have diarrhea.
But you could make some homemade formula. Here are some recipes: http://www.hdw-inc.com/glop.htm

he needs to get warmed up first. he can’t digest while he is cold.
Once he gets warmed up he needs to be fed about every 2 hours.

I have no clue why the mama cat is running around and digging a hole. sounds like she is very stressed though Is she trying to get out? she might be panicking and feeling trapped , since she is feral.

Has she not been lying with the kitten much? Baby kittens can’t keep warm by themselves, . but if the mother is too young or too stressed to know what to do, you will need to help.

Good luck — stay strong to try to help the kitten. You might not be able to save him but it is worth trying and very rewarding when you can save their life.

Ok so the kitten is ice cold, even if they are wild cats you should give it warmth every thing needs warmth to live if the mother is not supplying warmth and food then you need to, try to take it to the vet or give it a home (your home for now) and pick up the mother and put it with the kitten if it jumps out and keeps doing the same thing it’s not be taking proper care so stay calm and try to warm the kitten up and make sure the kitten is getting enough food! Don’t give the kitten cows milk! And get a vet!

One, get a heating pad and put the kitten on top of it. Make sure the kitten is wrapped in a towel and not directly on top of the pad.
Two, you need to make sure the kitten is eating. If the momma cat isn’t feeding her, you should get some milk and try getting it to her.
Three, idk why the cat is digging holes that is a little bit odd, but most the time when kitten gets that bad, there is not too much hope. Get a thermometer and get her temperature rectally. It should be around 100 degrees F. Some vet attention is most recommended.

KEEP THE KITTEN WARM!!! Try not to freak out, because if you do, the kitten will too. Warm the kitten up the best you can, and if possible, bring the kitten and the mother to the vet. Get them both checked out, just in case something serious is wrong.

Try this take a nice warm towel or sweater out of the dryer and wrap the kitten in it repeat the process to warm it up the kitten may be sick the mother may try to bury her kitten because she thinks it’s died

Ok i think that you should warm up a water bottle and put it besides the kitten, make sure it is not to hot. the cat is probably not healthy and i am sorry, but might die! good luck and let nature do it’s thing

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