Have you ever bought a used car…?

And found a very interesting, or maybe disturbing treasure in it when you got it home?….
My first car I bought from a family friends wife, who’s husband had jut died, for $100…It had the guys false teeth, and all his porno stash in the trunk of the car….lol

I never bought a used car but was given one once. I found almost a pound of pot in the wheel well instead of a tire.

I love your question.. I was thinkin about asking tis same question….but in the past 3 years I have bought 2 used cars…

the first one came with a buncha calling cards, a pack of cigarettes, tons of plastic bags in the trunk, a handicap sticker (the car belonged to some old man who just died)

the one i just bought recently came with some tomcats (firecrackers) and little bit of weed and 2 glove compartments and a lighter

If i buy another used car I wonder what other crap I’ll find.

I once found some old cassette tapes in a used car I bought but that was about it. Eww false teeth and porno?

I found a sack of weed in one used car I bought .

I found some seeds and stems in an ash tray once

yes,it was a pen i dont know how interesting is that but i found it very useful when i needed to write a telephone:P~

Cool! I found an unused rubber once.

no, I can’t say I have found anything like that..

Ewwww… no I haven’t had that happen and with any luck at all never will!

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