George Bush Sr. is supporting the United ***** College Fund…doesn’t that go against many neocon’s beliefs?

Are neocons angry that George Bush is doing something good for black people?

Unless it’s said on Fox News, how would they know?

May we trust that others viewing this question are neither as bigoted nor as ignorant as this person.
George W. Bush is the current President of the U.S.A. He has no sons.
Most presidents support many worthy causes, and it’s unfortunate the the word &quot:*****&quot: still appears in that charity. UNCF.The slogan: &quot:a mind is a terrible thing to waste&quot:, is appropriate, especially when referring to this question.
Southern democrats have always been and always will be racists, and Gen Colin Powell will no doubt cringe at your misinformation.
The real culprit in the Katrina tragedy was the Governor of the State of Louisiana, a democrat.
What is a &quot:Neocon&quot:, really ? Do neocons act like you?
It is unfortunate that bigoted questions like this can not be thrown out.

First of all the city officials followed by the governor of LA should get most of blame for the Katrina disaster next the idiots who stayed, finally FEMA.

The belief that the republican party is racist is based upon the GOP belief in welfare reform. I ask you who is more racists the party that wants to keep African Americans on welfare thus insuring future votes or the party that wants to get the poor jobs thus ensuring future votes (tined to their jobs)? Both parties are out to use this group to their political advantage. Neither really care about the strife in the African American community.

For Bush to support the UNCF is par with the party’s belief as it has been established that education and training are paramount in the GOP welfare reform plan.

It is entirely appropriate

I think the Bush family has some Black blood. You might have heard that tape of President Bush addressing Prime minister Blair. Bush called to him saying &quot:YO Blair&quot: That I believe is what is called an ethnic slip. When a persons black roots come out.

Go big Red Go

That is nothing but a political move so he can claim that he is supporting minorities. Besides that … what does supporting mean? When i donate $10 i (technically) support them. Of course, $10 are a farce.
So unless Sr. supports them substantially with large amounts of money that otherwise wouldn’t be donated to other causes, it is not a support.

Does it really matter what i think. Not really, but maybe if we start educating some people they wont sit there a wait for a cat 5 hurricane to come wash them away then cry about it.

lol, Bush Sr. does something great and the lefties cut him down, now Lamont can finally get the hell out of my house.

No, it doesn’t. And the only people that seem to bring up race for every issue in the liberals. Methinks that you protest to much….

It’s most likely a publicity stunt in order to appease the public and gain &quot:love&quot: by the american people for his son…he wouldn’t do that unless he benefited from funding them.

He also imported tons of cocaine through his offshore oil plaform,did that make them angry as well?

i think you liberals are angry about it, why else would you post your question unless your a racist hate monger?

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