ECW Fantasy Please Choose the Winners WQ inside?

Keep in mind each match is extreme rules
Tag team-Team 3D
Light heavyweight-Justin Liger
TV-Jerry Lynn
Ecw world-Sabu

1.Team 3D Vs Balls Mahony &amp: AXL Rotten
2.Justin Liger &amp: Rey Meystero Vs Super Crazy &amp: Phiscos
3. Tommy Dreamer Vs Rihno
4. Rob Van Dam Vs Tazz
5. Sabu Vs Bam Bam-Flaming tables match

WQ:Abyss or Kane which played the monster heel better?

1. The Dudley Boys win after putting Balls through a table covered in thumbtacks and lit on fire
2. Liger &amp: Misterio win with a Liger bomb on Crazy &amp: a Hurricarana on Psicosis for a simultaneous pin
3. Rhino wins after a gore through a table and a piledriver
4. Van Dam wins after a 5 Star Frog Splash
5. Bam Bam puts Sabu through the flaming table with a powerbomb

WQ: They were about equal with the masks on, but Abyss with his mask was better than Kane without his mask.

1-Team 3d with the 3D to Balls Mahoney
2-Justin Liger and Rey Mysterio with mysterio doing the 619 to super crazy
3-Rhyno with the gore
4-Rob Van Dam with the 5 star frog splash

WQ-Kane when he was masked

Great fantasy card!

a million. Jimmy Wang Yang Vs Nunzio – Jimmy Wang Yang 2. Shannon Moore Vs Shelton Benjamen – Shelton Benjamen 3. Tommy Dreamer Vs Steve Richards – Tommy Dreamer 4. The Undertaker Vs vast Daddy V,Mark Henry &amp: Matt Striker -The Undertaker 5. Kane,Kofi Kingston &amp: Cm Punk Vs Chavo Gurrero,Elliagh Burke &amp: side – Kane,Kofi Kingston and CM Punk WQ. Cool yet i wanted orton to maintain STARRED

1. Team 3d
2. justin liger and rey mysterio
3. Rhino
4. tazz
5. sabu

wq:kane was more of a phycho path, and a dominant monster that couldn’t be stopped/killed. he reminded me of jayson vorheese of of friday the 14. So kane was a better heel in my opinion.

1. balls mahoney &amp: axl rotten
2. justin liger &amp: rey mysterio
3. rihno
4. rob van dam
5. Sabu

Kane played monster heel better

1- 3D
2- Liger &amp: Mysterio
3- Rhyno
4- Van Dam
5- Sabu

WQ/ Kane

Team 3-D

1.team 3D
2.rey mysterio
the old kane was the bomb on digity


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