Does it seem like the last two congressional elections and presidential election going to the democrats,…?

Does it seem like the last two congressional elections and presidential election going to the big spending-big government democrats, along with nearly a decade of fiscal irresponsibility, nearly equal big government policies and political spinelessness on the part of republicans, have rekindled the libertarian, small government, fiscally conservative element of the American people? Especially considering that Obama’s reckless spending spree is even worse than the fiscally irresponsible Bush’s.

And, do you think the GOP will be wise enough to capitalize on the situation and bring the party back to it’s core limited government roots by 2010? Or do you think the neocons and the religious right will continue to dominate the party?

You would think people would learn after Jimmy Carter. Maybe after Obama has destroyed this country enough maybe people will start to admit that they made a mistake my electing the guy into office.

I personally think that both parties (Republican and Democrat) have strayed so far from what they once stood for it isn’t even funny. John F. Kennedy was a great example of what the Democratic party once was before the idiots took over it. As for the Republican party they need to get back to what they once stood for, the last 4 years that Bush served in office it really made the Republican Party look bad, hopefully by the 2012 elections the Republican Party will have its morals back and will be fighting stronger then they have ever fought before to get into office and fix the mess we will be in by 2012!

Limited government in a country of 300 plus million people…now there’s dreamscape. Limited in what way? Limited to what? Can we limit our 800 billion borrowed dollars a year military? What about earthquakes, fires and floods? Just let nature take its course? What about a pandemic…do nothing? A depression? Do nothing? Wow! You guys are being used as tools for the trans-national corporations…..sure they want ‘smaller government’…that way they ARE the government and you ‘libertarians’ will sheep to be sheared like everyone else. What we need is less BS and more responsible government…government that accepts its reponsibility to the American wage earner…the folks that tote the barges and lift the bales. The GOP is a dead duck because it’s stuck in the 19th century, lead by 20th century reactionaries and if you bother to look, this is the 21st century and NOTHING is the same as it was. We’re not the richest nation in the world anymore and we’ll probably never see that kind of national wealth again…ever! The dream of going back to a time that never was won’t pay the rent or put groceries in the fridge….and not having a permanent and affordable health INSURANCE plan to protect you from the expense of illness is a death sentence. Pollluting the air, soil and water isn’t an option anymore…..only BIG government can FORCE compliance. Sad but true! Welcome to the real world.

Many questions!

Libertarian element rekindling? No – because the Libertarian core message of less regulation scares many who’ve now seen how Bush’s &quot:hands-off&quot: attitude may have enabled and even contributed to corporate excesses of both corruption and recklessness. Libertarianism promotes the idea that businesses will do what’s right because it’s in their best interests. Not true! As we’ve seen.

Obama’s big spending is not just for the sake of bigger government or for more government projects, it’s to shore up an ailing economy.

As for the GOP wising up – I don’t think it’ll happen by ’10 or even by ’12 and they’ll lose again: unless the Dems really screw up, and screw up indisputably as judged by most voters.

Whether or not the GOP fanatics continue to dominate remains to be seen, but judging by the far Right fanatics I’ve read at this site (not necessarily you), I think they will continue, unfortunately for The Party.

Bush’s last 2 years in office were with a democrat Congress so his hands were tied. Look at the link below, it clearly shows republican congresses do better than democrat when talking about federal spending deficits. Most republicans are fiscally conservative, look at how the GOP is voting in the House of Reps right now, they are all together and voting against reckless spending. And we got rid of Specter in the Senate so most of our senators are voting correctly. Vote republican in 2010, you wont regret it.

Believe that the extreme right will continue to dominate the GOP.

Therefore the GOP will not be able to get back to it’s roots.

The country is becoming more Democratic as time passes.

Unless the GOP gets away from the extemist views of the religious righ and the neocons, and becomes more moderate on some issues, it will be a long long time before they come back.

Unfortunately, the Repubs did their fair share of sloppy spending in the last several years, I hope they realize that they have lost the way and become more fiscally responsible and can turn this ship around.

I hope the former, it is a big reason I am still in the GOP.

The oil people control the Republican party.


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