My father is getting a new car soon.and He wants to get a powerfull , good reliable car.

Hands down, the Accord there is no contest. I assume that you are talking about V6s. The Camry is a mostly good car, but at the moment they are having a lot of issues with quality control and with their computer chips causing them to stall on the highways with the cruise control on. The Dodge sucks! Not because its not a fun car to drive or because there isn’t power because there is lots of both. But you said that your father wanted a good RELIABLE car and at the moment Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep are the most UNRELIABLE cars on the road today.

However if you are willing to look at other cars that are powerful then I would also recommend the Ford Fusion. Ford has made a huge comeback with reliability and quality control also they have really good mpg for what they have. Also another company that has made huge quality jumps is Hyundai and I would recommend them too.

Toyota Camry: 3.5L V-6 268hp 20/ 29 mpg City/ Highway
Dodge Charger: 3.5L V-6 250hp 17/ 25 mpg City/ Highway
Honda Accord: 3.5L V-6 271hp 19/ 29 mpg City/ Highway
Hyundai Sonata: 2.4L I-4 198hp 22/ 35 mpg City/ Highway
Ford Fusion: 3.5L V-6 263hp 19/28 mpg City/ Highway

ALL of these are good reliable cars except for the Dodge. I did put the dodge listed on there for you so that you can see it anyway even though I strenuously don’t recommend it.

Hope for the best for your father

Every ones brainwashed about Toyota, Honda. It’s reliable but they never realize how much American Cars are getting better. I had Toyota, Honda in the past now I have Grand Caravan, Charger and BMW. I love Charger SXT, AWD, 8 speed automatic transmission. better gas mileage then you think

charger is king in power in looks. and reliable also. ignore all MFs and live like a kind. Nobody see you crap honda or toyata. but dodge key in your pocket make a different feeling hehe. dont be a silly uncle of honda

Powerfull and Toyota or Honda is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a powerfull toyota or a powerfull honda. Get the Charger. There is nothing wrong with that vehicle, and it is very reliable. Don’t ever listen to Consumers Reports, as they are extremely biased.

Be brutal take a Dodge.

Charger powerful yes, mpg no, Camary and Accord very good cars good mpg not so much power. Just depends on how much power he wants

Well the Charger is the most powerful out of those, but not the most reliable. The Camry is the most reliable but not powerful. Depending if the Accord is a V6 that’s the middle car of the three

Depending on the trim the v6 camry or accord would actually be faster than the charger…not the r/t. But both would get significantly better mileage and actually drive just as crappily as the charger.

Tell him to test drive other 4 doors like the wrx and mazdaspeed 3: he might get more satisfaction out of them and save some money.

The Charger got terrible reviews and has terrible visibility. Accord is the best with Camry as the #2, because I think it looks better.

But I present to you another option:

The Subaru Legacy, it has a nice V6 and all trims have AWD standard. You get AWD for the price of 2wd on other cars, which is much better.


Forget about reviews, gas mileage and obstructed views- the Charger blows the others out of the water. You’ll definitley feel the difference between a great American Muscle car and a tin can- You’ll also be doing more to stimulate the US economy then the federal government has in the past year…

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