Do the liberals that claim that home schooled students are stupid read statistics?


All studies ever conducted show home schooled students out perform their public school counterparts by as much as 30% yet so many liberals(I didn’t say all liberals, just the ones that make this claim. 1 is too many honestly).

I’ve often found homeschool students to be very bright academically… which your studies support…

but often lacking in social graces… and a little gullible…

some may call that stupid in a way?

I often see cons talking about &quot:book smarts vs. common sense&quot: and I see this being very evident in homeschool student’s I’ve known… some good people in there too… just a little socially awkward…

I don’t know any liberals that think that but you must have a lot of time and patience to be able to home school your kids

Home schooled children are smarter than many of them.

My cousin home schooled her 7 children and they are all in college or graduated now.

Actually I know a few home schooled kids… Their parents are all total hippies.

Home schooling is BIG in the granola set.

Hate to burst your stereotype bubble.

Believing the earth was created 6000 years ago in seven days is stupid, even if you can score well on a test.

I was home schooled but attended after school events so I could score with loose liberal chicks willing to give it up for the Jared Man.

Illiterate? Write your government for free help.

The premise itself needs to be supported as all liberals do not claim this.

It depends on what state – and to what age.

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