Blacks versus Jews: who has suffered more?

Cite examples and include links, i don’t want opinions

Well recently many blacks barely had rights in this country. And were told they were less then barely a century ago. I really do not know. I am sorry I can not provide examples or links. They were both horrible atrocities to happen to mankind. But I did not know that Jews can be recognized so easily in public. I hate to sound ignorant but I have never been able to point out a Jewish person unless they were wearing a yarmulke or the stereotypical look of Larry David or Woody Allen (although he is not Jewish anymore because he is of no man made religions anymore). I have been able to point out someone with African descent. And throughout my history with Black Americans and other blacks from other continents we are typically the more disliked. We are not really desired mates, or friends or anything like that. You do not hear people tell their kids to not marry that jewish person it is usually bad to really date a black person it seems. And blacks were also told we are beasts and dummies. I know many Jewish people have to contend with the stereotypical association of being rich. And although Jews were killed and blamed for many of the horrible occurrences throughout the history of mankind, the more known is the Holocaust. And I read that over six million people were killed in that alone. Whereas in slavery 20 million died alone from the boat ride to the western world. But many Jewish people have risen up from their past which is good. But I feel that the aftermath for blacks is far greater than that of Jews. Many blacks today do not feel adequate in many things today because of the self-hate they were programmed during the 300 years of slavery. Many do not understand their roots in Africa or in America. Many do not understand of the religion they may have had in Africa or before Christianity was forced on them. I feel that Jewish people have always had a sense of their own identity. And when you understand who you are and what your past ancestors were capable of you can be a very strong individual.

The Holocaust was certainly worse than slavery, but slavery has probably had a bigger effect on the black community today. Jews were largely forbidden from living among non-Jews under European laws, but they had their own communities with schools, their own businesses and given some opportunity to succeed in society. Slaves had none of these issues so that even after abolition most weren’t given a chance to succeed. There were barely any black businesses as blacks had been slaves so if white employers refused to hire blacks they had no means to catch up to mainstream society. It’s only after 1964 that blaks were given any kind of legitimate opportunity to succeed.

Okay this comparison is a little messed up.

Jews were exterminated like insects and blacks were treated like animals. The aftermath for blacks did last longer. But I have met some Jews that have lost grandparents in concentration camps.

The fisrt poster obviously doesn’t know history.. The Jews suffered horribly in Europe for centuries before slavery.

In all of history I would have to say the Jews.

Groups don’t suffer individuals do.

Jews have been persecuted in ancient Egypt, as well, remember Moses? And before and after that, and how many killed just because they were Jews?

African slavery was flourishing even in the 7th Century AD. Slavery never set out to wipe out a race. Slaves were valuable and not killed just for the sport of it.

I would venture to say that holocaust practices and 6 million deaths are a little worse than slavery. However, suffering is a feeling, and I would have to take it on an individual basis.

You said you don’t want opinions?
What about the Indians?
They were kept as slaves too
AND millions were slaughtered
Women and children raped and beheaded
Even the last century, indians were murdered for no reason
The siege at wounded knee was only 30 years ago

I don’t know why some people love to compare two HUMAN tragedies and compare them like fruits at the store. Have some more decency. Both suffered greatly

Let me put it this way. I wouldn’t want to be hung or whipped like a slave or put in a gas chamber and be sent to a concentration camp. So both are just as bad. The aftermath for blacks was worse.

I think were jews every lived they were perscuted

goes back to BC

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