Are you familiar with a group called the &quot:Weathermen&quot:? Senator Obama is.?

William Ayers was a leader in a radical group calling themselves the Weathermen. They were responsible for mulitple bombings in the 60s and 70s. This group made it clear they hated America and everything she stands for.

In September of 2001, Ayers made the statement to a reporter that he wasn’t sorry for setting bombs. That, in fact, he didn’t feel they did enough.

He is now a Professor and lives in the same neighborhood as Senator Obama. They are friends and have even served on committee together.

Is this the next mentor that Sen. Obama will have to denounce? Why does Obama surround himself with this type of people. Isn’t that political suicide?

Outstanding QUESTION which unfortunately may be violated by Y/A because it exposes truths about Obama revealing Obama’s shortcomings and that is not politically correct. —– I was a ’60s College Student who vividly remembers the Weathermen as one of the most dangerous &amp: extreme terrorist groups in the US at that time. Their goal was to cause as much destruction of Federal Government Facilities as possible through bomb with no concern for the lives of innocent victums ( much the same as 9/11 )—– The old saying &quot: You can judge a person by the friends they keep &quot: is becoming more revealing &amp: more frightening every day with respect to Obama.

Obama tries to be friendly with everyone. Obama is a realist. In today’s world, criminals and criminal activity is an ongoing thing. There are criminals that are elected officials. Look at Eliot Spitzer for instance….to name just one. Here is a man who was illegally involved in prostitution while holding a high office.

Look at Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, who lied under oath and was nearly impeached! But he wasn’t, was he?

Our society keeps men or low moral standards in office! That is just the way it is. Sometimes we don’t know their crimes all that well, sometimes we do and they have served some time etc. Plain fact of the matter, they are there, serving in the public office, and what do you do about that?

If you are an upstanding public official and you have legislation to deal with, your job is to represent your constituency, to coalitionize to get what your district and your whole society needs that helps your district. You don’t have the option of saying &quot:Well, Bill there is a convicted X, Y or Z, and since I know that, I won’t talk to him!&quot:.

Heck if this was about drugs for instance, you might be able to eliminate half of the legislature!

In order to be a good legislator, you have to deal with all types and sizes, unless you want your district to suffer, and that would make you highly remiss in your job, politically incorrect, in which case you lose your next election, morals or not! And someone else who will attempt to get the will of the people done, will move in on your job!

As a politician, your job is to please the majority of your citizenry, serving and protecting their interests! So, living in the shadows, you can be anyone you want, but in the real world, you must communicate with savory and unsavory charachters. That is just the way it is! And if you talk to each other, you will and others will politely identify you as &quot:friends&quot:!

Obama is a uniter, a communicator. Has he sold himself out to terror? I don’t think so. And I think this question is a poor example and dirty politics if it is done by Hillary supporters to place more doubt in Obama.

There is easy access to Hillary and Bill’s dirty secrets all over the internet. I think they might be far more responsible or know people that are on their behalf than Obama ever thought of being! Hopefully they won’t go an extra mile and hurt Obama physically if they can’t win this nomination legally!

On another note, people mature and grow up and sometimes change a lot. Think about it.

Be careful what you associate terrorist tendencies with in a person. Look at the details. If not, you will either let the behaviors in by the droves or eliminate talking to anyone!

Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine in
Forgive Affirmed Spirit

Obama has an affinity to rebellion/terrorist behavior and motives, apparently. This is one of many times he has spent considerable time in solidarity with radical anti-government malcontents, his chosen pastor being the most known . But Rezzko and wife also worked and lived a sub rosa life in the United States, having no regard for our laws. Because Obama’s political skills were honed in the dark and dirty Chicago political machine, he has learned to cover his sympathy with suave, finely tuned rhetoric of ‘hope’ and ‘change’, spellbinding his adulating admirers, white and black, who are easily seduced by his style and their need to be seen as liberal’ and non-judgemental, hiding deep anger and hatred toward our society that surfaces whenever their idols are challenged or attacked.

The Weathermen are idiots. Fortunately for us, Obama has nothing to do with them. Ayers was, and I believe still is, a law professor at Northwestern. When Obama taught law at UChicago they two, along with lots of other law professors from other Chicago area schools once had dinner. It is an extreme exageration to say Obama and Ayers are acquantances, let alone friends.

I am sure he will have to denounce this if this gets out to the mainstream press. It is human nature to surround oneself with others who share the same ideals and belief’s. If obama was White (well 100% white) and had affiliations with lets say the klan, then he would already be politically dead and gone. So much for double-standards.

Didn’t know that Where is the link or reference information to confirm!!What did they bomb?.Didn’t go to jail? Professor.I remember them calling MLK a communists because he spoke on the Vietnam War!!When troops finally got home the protesters of the war called our troops baby killers and they couldn’t get work The government turned there backs on some of them to!!


So you’re not saying that Obama agrees with this dude, or that Ayers is on the Obama committee. You’re saying they live in the same neighborhood. Why are we supposed to care?

Before you go voting for the elitist Hillary just remember that when her husband was president, he chose to pardon 16 FALN Terrorists.
The move was obviously done to help her with getting the heads of the Puerto Rican &amp: Spanish Organizations behind her when she ran for her bid for the NY Senate.
The head of the FALN Organization was writing &amp: communicating DIRECTLY with Hillary Clinton for the release of the prisoners up until her husband pardoned them: and they were released.
Why was the wife of the President of the United States harboring and communicating with Terrorists? Isn’t this treason? Shouldn’t she be arrested? Of course it is: and yes she should!

Like I said before, Obama is either the biggest fraud in political history, or the biggest baffoon. LOL

I wouldn’t say it is political suicide but it is certainly something that is troubling. The group was actually spawned off from the group Students for a Democratic Society. This group is on my campus actually….troubling.

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