arab-israeli conflict….?

do u think that the international involvment in the middle east has caused more problems then it has solved concerning the arab-israeli conflict??

From living in israel i can tell you that it probably caused more problems than good…
the main reason is that the world never tends to this conflict as objective, most of the countries get involved and mostly choose a side every time the palestinians/israeliens make wrong move instead of just attending the real issue – people are being killed on both sides and everybody suffers, and every time that happens either israelian or paliestinians people get angry when the world and some countries take a side instead of trying to fix from the heart.

how should israel people look for example today at all the other countries that cared to honor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Durban Review Conference (btw today evening is the day jews eulogize all the people who died in the Holocaust), same person who called the world to destory israel and denied the Holocaust… (and yeah, i know Ahmadinejad isnt connected to the palestinian issue – just an example)

and as mike wrote – it will never be solved generally cuz israel can’t respond to terrorist actions in full power, and you can be sure the world interfering isnt the only reason.

they’ve improved it but not made it perfect. The improvement points has been egypt signing a peace deal with israel. If the international world didn’t intervene in the arab-israeli conflict, then it would have been a complete bloodbath that would have wide range of repurcussions around the world, especially with the muslim communites.

International involvement in the Arab-Israeli conflict has prolonged it. The international powers prevent Israel from eradicating the threat totally. Every time Israel tries, they are stopped by international pressure from completing the mission. This allows the Arab terrorists to rearm, recruit and reassault.

Isreal has not fought a large scale engagement against its major adversaries in more than 25 years and has a formal peace treaty with Egypt.

I would say that was progress.

The Israeli/Arab conflict is of Bibical origin it doesn’t matter as long as America is on the side of God and Israel.

Semper Fi

No. I think open dialog and disscusion, such as there’s been has helped to stablize the region some what. Just look at Egypt and Isreal.

It’s all politics. Tony Blair has done jack sh1t, Jimmy Carter did jack sh1t (nothing new there). The US has to be seen to be taking the middle ground when we all know that ain’t the case right? 🙂

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