13 yr old girl sending sexy pictures to my son?

I found pictures on my 13 year old son’s phone that his ex-girlfriend sent him. They are not naked pictures but they are pictures of her chest and crotch with a bathing suit on. I also read some texts that talked about him seeing her chest and vagina. I am sick over this. I don’t know the girl’s parents because they go to different schools but I’m considering contacting them so they know what she is doing. I have talked to my son about sex and basically that he is too young to do any more than kiss a girl but I had no idea things had gone this far. Should I contact her parents?

As a mother, I would make every effort to contact the girl’s parents. I would also have proof that the girl was contacting my son in an inappropriate manner. They need to know. I would also speak to my son about &quot:if he really likes this girl, and what qualities he shoud look for in a &quot:girlfriend.&quot: You have every right to look through his phone and his stuff. You are the mother and it is your job to protect him. Even if it is from his &quot:friends.&quot: Good luck to you!

I’m so proud of you for knowing the difference and wanting to be more than just eye candy. So many women (and guys) try to evaluate themselves by how sexy they are. When I was a photographer, I had to study people, their styles and what was appropriate for the age as well as what did or didn’t work to &quot:set the scene&quot:. For the look of a 13 y/o girl, we looked to clothes that fit but was not form-fitted. The style of shirts today that are tight are not for the young teen set. Look for shirts that you can put on and not have the line that stretches across the chest. Rounded necklines are better than V-necklines. Also layering clothes helps. For pants or jeans, look for the same thing. Stay away from low-rise jeans and ones that are skin tight on the thighs. Take a look at photos, Think about &quot:Do I like the look and is it the message I want&quot:. Once you find some pictures you like, lay them together and study what you like, don’t like and most important- WHY? After a while you will notice a pattern. Look at the Hannah Montana show. Miley wears layered clothes that are casual with very little glitz. Hannah wears tighter clothes, still layered with more glitz and her friend Lily wears sporty, casual &quot:tomboy&quot: clothes because that is her image. Someone studied what type of personality each was to project and picked out clothes based on that. Hope this helps.

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I think you’re confusing sexy with suggestive. There is definitely such a thing as being too suggestive, and I think you are seeing it yourself, or you wouldn’t be asking this question. You even note that sexy isn’t always beautiful. How you present yourself is how others will see you. I have to guess that you’re dressing the part of &quot:sexy,&quot: and you seem to be putting yourself in bad situations. (I doubt you’re getting trapped in closets with guys feeling you up if you’re at home or a friend’s house.) Just remember that you get to control who you are. One of the things you learn in life is that how others see you has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with you. If you feel beautiful on the inside, great, because that’s what matters. But if you don’t want others to see you as a suggestive girl, then you have control over that as well by how you present yourself. Please, though, be safe and remember that being a certain age, or putting on adult clothes doesn’t make you an adult, acting like one does. I am not judging – it just sounds like you need to be careful.

Sexy 13 Year Olds Naked

Yes, straight away. You need to meet up and discuss, as young people can get into trouble for sending pictures or &quot:sexting&quot:: people have been arrested in the past.


Yes. The parents should be contacted maybe they do not know but they should have the opportunity to try to reel their daughter in before its too late. PS Good job on the monitoring! They are kids with crazy access to an adult world someone has to try to protect them

I probably would. They are far too young for this type of behavior, and if it was your daughter, I’m sure you would appreciate a phone call if she was sending photos like that to boys.

On a personal note, I would take his phone away, or restrict the service to no long send/receive pictures.

Number one…You say he is too young to do more than kiss her..Wrong…
This mentality that &quot:my son would never&quot: because I talked to him is why it happens all the time…

Contact her parents? Yeah…immediately

Contact her parents and take his phone

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