YA Jews: So, why do Jews also feel sad about the war in Palestine?

Were troops forced or something? I mean, I thought it would be beneficial for you but a disadvantage to us.

And thanks for your patience… 🙂 now do i sound offensive?

We feel sad that it could not be resolved with peaceful mean. We feel bad for the innocent people (Israelis and Palestinians) caught in the middle.
The current situation is not benefical to us. We would not like for terrorist attacks to stop and I am sure the Palestinians would like for the Israeli Army to stop coming into their areas.
We are also sad when two IDF members are killed and in a prisoner exchange we get back bodies while we release terrorist.
We are sad the world does not understand the true nature of the current situation.

Because Israel has agreed to every peace proposal while the Palestinians have agreed to none.

When Israelis disengaged from Gaza nearly 3 years ago, instead of building a nation, Gaza became a launching pad to fire rockets into Israel.

Palestinians were offered half of the Palestinian Mandate in 1948 but refused it: Arabs controlled the West Bank and Gaza from 1948 to 1967, yet no Palestinian political entity arose in either place, not even provisionally. Now Palestinians completely control Gaza, but rather than building a state there, they claim that they are under Israeli occupation.
The common explanation is that the Palestinians want a state encompassing the entire former Palestinian Mandate. But a more likely explanation is that the Palestinian national movement is not and has never been a national movement in the ordinary sense of the term. It was for a long time the vanguard of the Arab nationalist movement and is today the front line of aggressive Islamism. The establishment of a state is not the goal. The elimination of a state is not the goal. The elimination of a foreign, non-Arab, non-Muslim entity is the goal.

A Jew’s most fervent prayer is for PEACE.

Many people feel sad about war just because war is not a good thing. I feel bad about war all over the world and when it is a war which makes my family’s life more difficult, I feel even worse about that war. War is never a good thing in the long run with the exception of the US revolution, 2 world wars and the star wars trilogy. If anyone can name that reference, I’d love to see it.

@ Chaim: &quot:palestinians could build their nation in Gaza, but they refuse?!!&quot:
i remember that Yasser Arafat (the previous president of Palestine) was surrounded in his bureau (office), until he was critically ill!!! (water lines were cut also, as i remember) this was the 1st time by the way i hear about a president surrounded in his own country without an actual foreign occupation, or collapse of his gov… sounds like whole Palestine is under israeli control!!!
Israel delayed removing the surrounding under international political efforts until he was so critically ill, then left him to die in peace!!!

i chatted with a palestinian before, &amp: he was asking for a job outside his countery. he told me how miserable they are!
sorry, if i seemed offensive, but i tried to clear it up!

cuz the world won’t end until they make peace

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