Would you give your child, &quot:The Swine Flu Shot Knowing it is linked to Killer Nerve Disease&quot:. Would you?

Here are the links read and decide, I am not asking you to take my say so. Click the links below to read the complete articles :-


Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, God bless you all.

though long read this..it scared me what I learned in answering this question (found when discussing the polio vaccine and its link to the majority of cancers)..is it the smoking gun?

They are too old to listen to me, but I will not take it nor have I ever taken a flu shot..no need..since I eat healthy, I have not had the flu in umpteen years.

I did, however, in a moment of panic after a rape get the series of hepatitis B shots only to later discover they are linked to auto-immune diseases, so that turned out to be a poor decision.

Let us remember our history with the oral polio vaccine and later discovering its link with the sv-40 virus that causes some cancers. I
The polio vaccine was heavily contaminated with the cancer causing sv-40 virus.

They later studied the vaccine under a later version new powdered microscope and discovered these viruses and recalled the vaccine. who is to say how many died as a result of that vaccine or got autism as a result of newer ones. They think this was responsible for many leukemia…think of all that needless suffering.

check out this interesting article


here is an excerpt for after they injected this virus in hamsters and they all got huge tumors

When word got out that &quot:There were cancer-causing monkey viruses in the polio vaccine. She (the researcher) warned an epidemic of cancer in America was in the making. When the word got back to her NIH bosses, they exploded in anger. When the cussing stopped, they crushed Bernice Eddy professionally.

Any mention of cancer-causing monkey viruses in the polio vaccine was not welcomed by NIH. They took away her lab, destroyed her animals, put her under a gag order, prevented her from attending professional meetings, and delayed publication of her scientific paper. In the words of Edward Shorter, author of The Health Century/ Her treatment became a scandal within the scientific community.’&quot: Eventually there was a congressional hearing on it.

&quot:Dr. Adi Gazdar of the University of Texas, who led the second study, said it had to be more than coincidence that the four types of tumors found in hamsters after injection with SV40, brain, bone, mesothelioma and lymphomas, are now exactly the same tumor types in humans found with detectable levels of SV40.

Text Box: Dr. Sweet said, “It was a frightening discovery because, back then, it was not possible to detect the virus with the testing procedures we had. The Simian Viruses were inadvertently introduced into the vaccine pool because the Polio virus was grown in monkey (Rhesus, Patas, or Cynomolgus) kidney cells.&quot:

Even in the 50s as the one person says, yes we all got the polio vaccine..I remember it was cherry flavored and we liked it. Who knows what it may have done to some of us who lined up at school to get it. trusting our elders as the teachers trusted the researchers and makers. I. for one, will not trust again. Not when I read how they alter test results and cover things up.

A search will turn up a lot of interesting info on that also here it mentions that the polio vaccine actually causes polio


All I know is that I got the vaccine as a kid and got cancer before 40 myself. Were they linked..who knows? but not wiling to take that risk.

I certainly do not trust the government, I remember years ago watching a fascinating video about the AIDS virus and its origins as something manufactured in the course of weapons research.

One thing I remember in the video was it saying that people were given the AIDS virus under the pretense of it being a flu shot in order to see what happened to the people, I decided no sense taking any chances.

When my kids were little took my son to a clinic to get his mmr shot and the clinic would not give it to him due to a allergy to eggs\. They said it needed to be given at the hospital as he could stop breathing from it. WTF? I certainly decided that it was not worth the risk.

He just turned 30 and never got the measles so far and is still breathing. I had to go through tons back then trying to get a school exemption as they required all the shots for admission, but I finally did get a medical exemption from the mmri shot and I am glad I did.

Seeing the link with the mercury in the shots now and autism, I doubt I would get that shot if my kid’s were still young, let alone this one with potential harm and people saying it may be part of a population control thing. I only hope we not not forced to take it.

Not sure how true this is, but I read somewhere it may be designed to kill someone if they have a good immune system by doing it in a series of three shots. The first turns off the immune system and since noone dies hangers backs think it is safe and they get it. The second one loads the person up on a variety of germs/viruses etc and the last turns the immune system back on and that is when you die as somehow they created it to work if one has a good, not bad immune system….genetically engineered it or something.

I would put nothing past TPTB and whether it is good or bad, I do not want it and if push comes to shove feel that I have a better chance fighting getting swine flu with natural anti-biotics and a good diet.

what is scary is to see how easily bills are passed that could make it a crime to not get it if they so chose regardless of if they think it is safe or not…or even if it is safe..since when did our bodies become theirs.

Americans had better wake up before we lose it all.

Remember history has a way of repeating itself

–The government had initiated the MANDATORY polio vaccination programs in 1955. I do remember this as we all were in the gym getting it…and getting it and getting it…who knows now what getting it is…

it did not just affect those given the virus which came from the monkeys they grew the vaccine on..

the article says &quot:SV-40 has appeared in 61% of all new cancer patients — patients too young to have received the contaminated vaccine being administered forty years ago! &quot: spread through blood transfusions and sex..almost half the males have it it seems.

&quot:SV-40 also has been found in 23% of blood samples and 45% of sperm fluids taken from normal individuals! Researchers have determined the SV-40 virus can be transmitted sexually and through blood transfusions. &quot:

Now I am wondering if my dad’s lung cancer was linked to this polio vaccine which everyone mostly took in the 50’s as it is found in the majority of lung cancers and directly linked to many brain and lung cancers (and other cancers). If so, this vaccine robbed me and my 5 siblings of a father who died at a young age and y dad of his life. Hell no, I am not getting any vaccine.

it may not matter, if we chose to get it or not though as the 50s vaccine later was mandated to be retaken as live polio virus in addition to the dead vaccination given previously with the intent that those vaccinated would spread it through the population effectively vaccinating even those not getting it as explained here

&quot:This decision was based upon the belief that the OPV recipient would &quot:shed&quot: the virus through body contact with other non-vaccinated children and adults, thereby spreading the &quot:live&quot: virus throughout the population.

Since the infection was extremely small, it would produce the desired antibodies while posing no threat of contracting polio. This, it was thought, would assure the total immunization of America and the eradication of the disease.

The public was never informed that this national health strategy was being implemented, despite several cases of polio which were directly attributed to the vaccine.&quot:

see they never even told us they were doing it..if they did this in the 50’s imagine what they may do now. god help us.

If back in the 50s, they could essentially force the vaccination on the entire population, even those who did not get it, by the shedding of the ones who did (all the kids in schools) even if we refuse it, we may still be getting it indirectly from contact with those who do –just as happened in the 50s.

I just discovered this myself by reading the links and it angers and scares the crap out of me..even if only some get it, if they can do somehow do now what they did then, it will be forced on us without our knowledge or refusal anyway. OMG

H1N1 influenza is mild if compared with the normal seasonal flue.

The more rapid spread of it can be worrying to some people, but with the proper hygiene, healthy food and absence of nicotine and alcohol – there is no reason to panic.

The vaccine is made with such speed that one can use the proverb &quot:it has been sown with the hot needle&quot:.
The actual vaccine from different pharmaceutical companies do all have a big space for improvement.

I would never take the risk compromising the natural good health and immunity of my children by giving them something they do not need in the first place.

Not to mention some little risk included with the administration of drug which couldn’t possible had time to be approved by our mighty FDA or other brotherly organisations!

hey gorgeousness ………. Noooooo i wouldn’t risk my precious children’s health and vitality …… what if what if what if…. what if it fries their nervous system……. i’m not prepared to take such a heinous risk…… i wouldn’t give that sheet to anybody … did you read about the girl in the UK i think that died from complications that arose after getting the cervical cancer vaccine?? 14 years old….. imagine how crushed her family are ……. and they have no recourse…. they would have signed that away……. so is that what we are expected to believe hey?? that the few that drop are worth the benefits??? benefits schmenefits hey ….you RoCK man …… people will listen eventually you know….. sadly though….. a few people will likely have to suffer tragic consequences…. history repeats…… and the trollllls that frequent this section won’t have any effect on you and i spreading the message ……. they still cling to the faint hope that bigggpharma will resolve their ailments ….. their already in it’s grips you know…. so they have to &quot:believe&quot: hey…… :0)


peace baby

I think it’s all a bunch of crap. I don’t vaccinate my child, and will NEVER get him a flu shot. Our immune systems need viruses to practice on. We are actually weakening our bodies I think, with all these crappy vaccines.

No definitely I wont give it to my precious children nor would anyone who love their children. Thank you for those useful links Soul Doctor.

Go with God.

I can remember when polio was very common at school until kids were vacinated, my mother as a 14 yr old had diptheria and almost died, hooping cough was very bad in babies but because of vacinations was almost eliminated in australia, chicken pox ,measles the same, until scaremongering caused major outbreaks again. My daughter has had her cervical cancer vax, hopefully this stops her from dying in agony later.
Things need to b balanced as to what is best in the long term.
Too many so called experts have been proved wrong in the past.

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