Would a McCain/Colin Powell ticket beat Obama/Clinton?

Would Colin Powell be a good VP candidate for McCain?

McCain/Powell would beat anyone anywhere anytime!

I think Powell is a person of real character, but he will be forever tainted by his failure to stop Bush and Cheney from invading Iraq on what he could tell was cooked-up intelligence. (Remember, &quot:This is bullsh*t!&quot:?)

He does offer advice to the Obama campaign now, and I bet he is singing a very different tune from John McCain. (Remember what he said about the &quot:Pottery Barn rule&quot:?) . I can pretty much guarantee you that nobody from the GOP wants to listen to what Colin Powell has to say these days, because they don’t want to leave Iraq. They want permanent bases, a cut of the oil revenues, to appease Israel, to make more guns and tanks and keep the arms dealers and defence contractors happy. We invaded Iraq for all the wrong reasons and the Republicans want to say in Iraq for all the wrong reasons. Just like we went to Vietnam for all the wrong reasons and stayed there for 10 years for all the wrong reasons. John McCain thinks all these wrong reasons are right. This man lives on an entirely different planet. There’s a reason that John McCain was never promoted to Admiral, having been the son and grandson of admirals and spent nearly 30 years in the Navy. And that is because he is too UNHINGED to lead a square dance, much less a fleet – MUCH MUCH less a country.

Powell would be a horrible candidate for McCain. 2 liberals running as republicans. McCain/Rice, now there’s a real ticket!

But to be honest, McCain/anybody would beat Hussein Obama/Clinton Clinton/Hussein Obama hands down.

Colin Powell would never accept a Vice Presidency. Neither would he ever run for President. He was offered the opportunity twice before and rejected the idea both times.

A mccain/ burger king ticket could beat them. He could just about pick anybody right now and win over the democrats. If obama did pick hillary for vp he’d probably get assasinated giving his inugaration speech and she would just step onto his lifeless body and start giving her already prepared speech without a hitch where she would make allegations of a right wing coup and try to have all republicans arrested lol.

I don’t think so.

First of all, there is mild concern about McCain’s age and believe it or not, Powell is OLDER than McCain.

Second, McCain tries to claim that his strength is foreign policy and that he is weak on domestic economic issues. It would not help him to have a VP whose main strength is foreign policy and who has no domestic credentials, especially when the economy figures to be a big issue in the campaign.

Third, Powell already disgraced himself by being duped by Cheney into delivering the WMD talk to the UN to get us into a war he was opposed to. I give him more credit than to run for VP with a guy who is so bonded to the Iraq war.

Yes it would. Colin Powell? Maybe. I’d have to know more about his politic views first.

Great Question !!

I agree that combination would be a definite winner, however, I seriously doubt that Obama or Clinton will be on the same ticket

Another combo would be McCain/Rice ticket or McCain/Lieberman

It would be a great ticket for Republicans …. but Powell has said he would not run for President … why would he take the vice-president roll … knowing he could possibly be President in an emergency or worse?


Ha!! You think Powell would hitch his wagon to McCain after GWB threw him to the wolves?

Sorry, but I think Powell is about to endorse Obama pretty soon. And no, it’s not because he’s black, it’s because he’s smart.

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