Will the Chicago Cubs baseball fans be loyal for another 100 years if they continue losing?

No I am not a hater. Real baseball poll to see just how long the Cubs fans will take this nonsense from the owners. If you stop going to see a losing team, they will get the idea they have to do something else to bring the fans back, like win some games

They should not be loyal. Like you said, if they stop going to the games maybe the owners would try harder to win fans back to the ball park.

ARe you serious!

Did you not watch the playoffs this year!

Game 1- fans boo their team as they begin choking away another season full of promise!

Game 2- after media bashes the fans and the Cubs commit back to back error early in game, fans give a round of applause! I took this as a screw off to the media and mocking their players! Perhaps I’m way off base here but I don’t think those observations are too big of a stretch!

Cubs fans are as loyal as Phillie fans! (Remember they boo Santa in Phillie!)

Without a doubt, the REAL fans will still follow the Cubs–there is nothing that compares to the ambiance of an afternoon spent at the cozy confines of Wrigley with the wind blowing out, matter of fact let’s play two!

Cubs fans are not loyal to their team. They just get in the way in the parking lot.

Most of the current Cubs fans will be dead in 100 years. But I’m sure the true Cubs fans will be fans until the day they die.

Well for me I am a Baltimore Orioles fan, coming from one of the leagues worst teams in baseball. However it’s different from a 100 year drought to a 25 year drought.

I think true fans stick with their team because of their love for the sport. Believe me I am one of the biggest Orioles fans, but more than that I am the biggest baseball fan. Sure you want to see your team win the World Series, but more than that I just love watching baseball for the sport itself.

I’m sure many will stay loyal

It’s essentially a Rite of Passage in Chicago. Fathers to sons and daughters, etc.

Sorry Sox fans, but the Cubs own the city.

i definitley will be! i will be a fan through all the losing, the winning, the playoff berths, the clinching, and everything.. even when im in my rocking chair on the northside waving my cane around, i know truly in my heart i will never lose being a Cubs fan, its the only thing i know and love =D

actually the Cubs owners made a serious effort to win even though they are trying to sell the item and word is they are trying to sign free agents this off season i just wish the Cardinals would try to improve their team

i was surprised and excited to see the Dodgers sweep them

Agree with Greta.

Thought gotta tell you this, they have many true fans and they will stick with them throught thick and thin. They survived 100 years, why cant they for the next 100 more years ?

though I hope that they win it soon. !

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