Why do people say I listen to &quot:white people music&quot:?

I listen to Janelle MonaГ©, The Lumineers, Muse. A lot of indie rock, pop, and metal. I still like rap but I’m not huge fan of it.

I never knew there was music black people weren’t allowed to listen to.

Cause black people can’t distinguish Metal from rock.They think it’s all the same.If it’s not Rap or Jazz then it’s White music.

I know that feeling man. Im from North Carolina and im one of the few people at my school that listens to &quot:white people music.&quot: all the black kids and white trash think that lil wayne is the best thing since sliced bread. In reality, lil wayne is the biggest asswipe ever. Im not gonna lie, i like mac miller, eminem, yelawolf, etc., but i cant stand lil wayne or tyga. Rap is slowly dying witch is kind of sad. Ive now been listening to rock for 4 or 5 years now and im never looking back. Hopefully you realize that rock will be superior once again in ten years.

they never really got rid of Jim Crow, the music shelves are segregated didn’t you know that?

I love being white, never have to make excuses for my music taste, I can listen to black music, Chinese music, Peruvian pan flute music, society doesn’t put restrictions on what white folks get to enjoy.

Just look at God Forbid, why didn’t they blow up like Trivium and all them other metalcore bands? Because they’re black, that’s why.
Well, half black anyway.

Beats me. I thought music was just music. If anyone wants to get all tribal about it, they can take a jump.

I grew up listening to British groups like the Beatles, Animals and Stones, and Motown acts like The Supremes and Smokey Robinson. Still love ’em all.

Hey, don’t feel so bad. I listen to these guys –

The Average White Band –

I know plenty black folk, and I still enjoy a wide variety of Caucasian music.


Who fing cares, listen to what you like as long as you don’t go burning crosses or blowing up whitey.

Listen to this

Because they’re stupid

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