True Christians (you know who you are) can you please answer this?

I just got finiished crying and honestly, I haven’t cried like that since I was a little girl. I was looking out my window and watching people come and go wlaking on the street s and driving in their cars and I started really thinking about them, you know what I mean?

I mean, I started to really think about them, that they are people, with hopes, dreams, ambitions, families and loved ones.

I started thinking about my pappa and momma and I felt overwhelmed and started to cry. I know that that the end of this world is coming and I don’t want these people to die. I know why the majority of them are going to have to be put to death by God but it’s starting to really make me sad for them. I see how they treat you guys andI’m starting to feel for them, even though they are so mean and rude.

Even my old friends, I don’t want them to be destroyed, my ex lead singer pucnched me in the face because of quoting a scripture to her, but I don’t want to see her destroyed, don’t get me wrong she’s a total b**ch, but to see her destroyed? She has goodness about her, she is just confused and upset that I am not like how I use to be and she misses that.

I have never felt like this before (then again, I am on my period, but this is different), do any of you (men or female) ever feel like this and if so what do you do to make the pain go away?


~~ Mindy ~~

Mindy, you are feeling ‘agape’ love. It’s a principled love, based on knowledge, and gives you the ability to love the unlovable, because you know you should.
It’s this kind of love for our fellowman that lets us go from door to door, getting insulted, hurt, basically beat up daily, and then get up, go out again the next day and the next and the next. We do it, not because we are masochists, but because we feel just what you felt looking out at people who don’t have a clue what’s coming, and most don’t want to know.
It’s the same love you’ll see here, aimed at those who once were opposed to us, and now have come to love us. Those who turned their backs on Jehovah, and are now coming back to Him. It’s the same love that Jesus showed, even when he was being mistreated and murdered. He STILL loved mankind.
You have a soft heart, and when you know someone is living a lifestyle not approved by God, and therefore, unless changes are made, the person will not be approved by God, you grieve for them. You wish they had the understanding you are coming to have. THEY see it differently. They see it lilke a guy’s friends, when he gets married: HE loves being married, and wishes his friends could have what he has, and THEY see it as a prison they want no part of, and will rescue him from if he will let them!
The best chance your family and friends have is YOU. The changes they see in you-for the good, will draw them like no one knocking at their door could. Just don’t be too ‘preachy’. You will need to face the facts that you will lose some, though. They will reject what you are learning, and along with it, will reject you if you don’t stop. That’s when the choice to stay with the world, or stay with Jehovah will be obvious.
He can give you life everlasting. They can give you the temporary enjoyment of sin.
Yes, I feel like that often. People are so beautiful, lively, and individual. I grieve that their hearts are often so hard toward God that they pay no attention. Noah must have felt just like us, when he knew that his friends and neighbors, some of whom he must have loved, were doomed unless they accepted God’s way.
Be a beautiful example, it’s the best you can do. Learn all you can, so you can pass that knowledge on, and help these lovely creations of Jehovah. It’s your obligation, as a true christian.
AND…in a couple of days, you will be less blue. Hormones are such a joy, aren’t they?

Yes, i think we all have gone through feelings like this. I have a lot of relatives who are not in the truth and it is sad.

Even though i don’t know you personally, i can tell you have a good heart, Mindy.

Keep up the good work. You sound as though you building a fine love for Jehovah and fellow people.


&quot:The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.&quot: (2 Peter 3:9, Good News Bible)

Our loving God Jehovah gives everyone free choice, the choice to accept Him or reject Him.

He also makes widely known the consequences of each choice.

When people perish eternally, it pains God. But, it is their choice.

&quot:Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding.&quot: (Prov. 3:5) NWT

There is a difference between ignorant ones and evil-hearted ones. God knows the difference. He will not destroy those not deserving:

&quot:Jehovah is not slow respecting his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with YOU because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.&quot: (2 Pet. 3:9) NWT

Don’t let things get you down. True Christians do their part by focusing on ways to share the good news of God’s Kingdom with others:

Pray for them. You are possibly being led into a ministry of intercessory prayer. If you are feeling this way, imagine how God feels when his children reject him and refuse to accept his free gift of eternal life. You are receiving a glimpse of how it saddens him. God will transform you into something marvelous as you continue in obedience to him.

It is good you have compassion for their souls.
Keep on praying for God answers our prayers.
You are doing what the Lord wants us to do, and that is all you can do.
Now let the Lord have the burden because you are not supposed to be carrying it.

God bless

Read encouraging Psalms and Proverbs. Meditate on them for over an hour or so…
Pray for your enemies and friends…(heartfelt).
Trust in God that He will take care of the situation and that these people not die in ignorance. They have freewill nonetheless…

Focus on your journey: your hobbies, goals and passions. Bless and do good to those who curse you.

That is why we do the preaching work all we can. Matthew 24:14, 28:19, 20, Heb. 5:12.


Yes — I often think of my family… and sometimes the best way to win them over is by letting your light so shine, but hopefully you carry this feeling with you always.. because salvation is a very serious thing, even if you are not on your period !!

Blessings —

i think all JW’s have gone through this its natural you want everyone you care for to be able to see what you do, and in time they might. i have family that i always think would make great witnesses but they dont want it and its their free will i cant do anything about it but life changes so you just hope sometime they do also.

What do you do to make the pain go away?
–Find an overwhelming distraction, or a friend
that has a different subject on their mind.

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