Saddest Movie Ever Please?

I want to watch a movie tonight with my girl and she likes those really sad movies that make her gush out in tears the thing is that i dont have any of those movies so if u guys can help and tell me the saddest movie you have ever seen so i can go out and buy it thanks

dumb and dumber….it was so sad at the end when the 2 guys didn’t get laid from the Swedish bikini team!

Ghost ~ Patrick Swayze RIP
Untamed Heart
The Perfect Storm

The Notebook
I Am Sam

El Bola

The Curious Case of Benjamin button

Terms of Endearment
message in a a bottle
a walk to remember
I am sam
pearl harbour
folwers in the attic
mystic river
my life

I bet she will cry

definitely A Walk To Remember!


-An American Rhapsody
-Sweet November
-Patch Adams
-The World According To Garb (kinda sad)
-My Girl (kinda sad)
-Lorenzo’s Oil (definitely sad if you have kids)

I am Sam
My Sister’s Keeper
United 93
The Notebook

Grave of the Fireflies (Animation/Drama)
An Affair To Remember (Romantic/Drama)
Moulin Rogue (Romantic/Musical)

Boy in the striped pajamas. Made me cry. The ending is VERY SAD!

The Mist…It’s good for you both cuz it’s scary action (written by Stephen King) but the end is soooo sad….if shes into older movies…Beaches…Stella..Terms of Endearment….Titanic….

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