My 4 year old is out of control screaming in her room HELP NOW?!?

I made her spaghetti o’s and she refused to eat them. Kept asking for Apple juice (she knows she can fill up on boxes of it) and I said not till she takes bites.

She then said she wants candy for dinner. I said she had to eat her real dinner and she called me a big jerk. She got a time out and started kicking the wall so she got put in her room WITH the food. She’s now screaming and kicking plus throwing things and saying I need to come in right now and feed her.

Where do I go from here? I’m a single mom and her father lets her get away with all of this so now she’s screaming that she wants to go to his house.


Stay calm and go i her room and sit down on her bed very calmly say to her wen you feel big enough to talk to me like a big girl im ready if afeter a few minutes she doesnt calm down walk out and tell her wen she calms down you are available and if she does calm down talk to her and tell her you love her (keep repeated this vital info) and you just want her to eat so she can grow up to be big and beautiful

Sorry but I would have spanked her and put her back in the corner. Sounds like she truely expects to be able to behave that way with you. And try not to call dad. He obviously doesn’t care to help. And in reality you should already have a consitant discipline routine four is a little late to begin considering one. And if you say not until you takes bites to her try and remember she is way to young for baby talking. Perhaps you should do some research on where a four year old should be developmentaly and go from there. I know my youngest which is two is explected to speak better than that and does. Lord have mercy but it sounds like your the one with the parenting issues right now not the dad. And your pointing your finger at him as if he is responsible for it is insane.

Sounds like someone needs a good spanking. I’m not talking about BEATING your kid. If more parents could find the strength to spank their children, and it doesn’t take much, you’ll find the child will heed those future warnings a little more. Always warn them first that they’re gonna get a spanking if they don’t comply with the second request or quit the inappropriate behavior. If it’s a public display then take them into a bathroom stall or your car. And make sure it’s on the bare bum so they can feel it.

Now that its politically ok for me to say so, I say give her a bit of section59.

I was brought up in a family of 9 children and we NEVER EVER hit, kicked, screamed at, nor said &quot:No&quot: to mum and dad. If we did we knew what was on the menu….a spanking.

A four year old girl, despite what anybody says, is well old enough to understand it hurts mummy’s feelings to say things like she has. A four year old girl is also well aware that she should be obeying what mummy says, whether its picking up the blocks or eating her spaggeti-ohs. Calling mummy a &quot:Big Jerk&quot: Is unacceptable behaviour and while she knows it she needs you to tell her that and follow it up with punishment.

Time outs are obviously not effectve. I advise 2 well controlled, (as in enough to hurt but not too much) smacks applied to buttocks area of said child enforced with an apology will/should work. You need to tell her listen to what you say. Tell her what she has done wrong. Explain that there is a consequence, and because mummy loves her she needs to spank her now to help her remember not to do it again and that mummy doesnt tolerate that behaviour. After said spanking, the child gets cuddle times. She must apologise for wrongdoing, and then reference to that activity is not made again unless she is still stubborly refusing to do as told.

No discipline is a miracle worker. But if consistently you follow this method of approach to misbehaviour your child will realise that not behaving is not on.

I say file for sole custody and he is allowed only monitored visits. If he can’t raise her well then he doesn’t deserve to raise her at all. I would also let her scream it out. Don’t fold or else she will keep pushing at boundaries. Let her know what is acceptable and what is not. You may also want to start taking away favorite toys until she has proved to you that she can act like a respectable young lady.

You two should get calm down and then sit and talk. You should probably let her be and see what happens during the rest of the night. Whatever she does, let her know you are in charge.

And don’t listen to what she says, she is just 4 years old. When we adults get angry, we say stuff we don’t really mean, remember that.

don’t make things worse for the child by letting psych people load her up on medications, those medications have serious side effects.

a child needs two parents, and balanced meals not loaded with sugar and starches. Check with the child’s grandparents (if any) for help and support.

Teach the child the subject of colors, card games, and let her get plenty of exercise to run out her energy, and read stories, lots of them to her.

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