Is using the term &quot:Jews&quot: derogatory? Inappropriate?

I really dont like saying Jews even if the context is nice or asking a question or making a statement etc.
To me saying that almost always seems to be mean or derogatory..regardless of the context.

Is it just me or does anyone else agree?

And just to clarify: is the term Jews itself wrong or is it only wrong if the context is wrong (i.e. nasty statements like those jews are….)

No offending anyone just trying to clarify

Not really. &quot:Jew&quot: is the word we use for ourselves – it is not inherently derogatory. It’s all a matter of context.

I’ve actually answered this question on Yahoo Answers before:



I hope you find this information helpful.

PS: &quot:The Jewish&quot: is not an &quot:alternative&quot: version of &quot:Jews&quot:. &quot:Jew&quot: is a noun, &quot:Jewish&quot: is an adjective associated with that noun. The word &quot:Jew&quot: (in Hebrew &quot:Yehudi&quot:) comes from &quot:Judah&quot: (&quot:Yehudah&quot:), from whose tribe the majority of today’s Jews descend from. How is that derogatory? Rather, I find the very assumption that &quot:Jew&quot: is a bad word to be offensive. (I’m not upset in this instance because it’s obvious that you mean well. But you are very clearly mistaken – and I’m only telling you this because you seem to be a decent, open-minded person who is interested in combatting bigotry rather than propagating it, and therefore you’re likely to take this admonition in the positive spirit in which it is offered, and learn from it. I wouldn’t bother correcting your misconception if I didn’t think it would help).

I actually discuss this in greater depth in the answers I’ve linked to above — in Turkish, &quot:Yahudi&quot: has such a negative connotation that they invented a new word for us, &quot:Musevi&quot: (roughly translatable as &quot:a follower of the religion of Moses&quot:). But that connotation doesn’t come from the word itself, it comes from the preconceived notions people held about Jews. Someone hates Jews, therefore to call someone a Jew is an insult. Telling us that our name for ourselves is a curse word, and hence you need to give us a new name, that in itself is pretty damned condescending, don’t you think?

A lot of folks go out of their way to say &quot:Jewish people&quot: and never &quot:Jews,&quot: but again, this is just a case of political correctness gone awry. &quot:Jew&quot: is only a dirty word when it’s used as one, like, someone as frothing at the mouth when they say it, or they use it as a verb meaning to swindle someone. Used as a noun, in a neutral context, all &quot:Jew&quot: means is someone who was either born to a Jewish mother, or who converted to the Jewish faith in accordance with its laws. There’s nothing bad about that unless you already assume Jews are bad.

PS: I’m pretty sure &quot:Black&quot: isn’t considered any more racist a term than &quot:White&quot:. Again, those who observe an extreme form of political correctness will avoid the usage of the word &quot:Black&quot: in reference to people. But then you have these idiots who refer to every Black person they meet as &quot:African-American&quot: – it doesn’t matter if the person is say, British or French (as opposed to American), they’re still African-AMERICAN. And they don’t factor into account that the person’s ancestors could be from any of dozens of places whose native populations have dark skin, they’re still AFRICAN-American. Frankly, I think it’s less bigoted not to make assumptions about people, but some still seem to hold that referring to every Black person they meet as &quot:African-American&quot: is the way to go. It’s all here in this rant: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/…

Of course, &quot:*****&quot: is no longer acceptable…unless you’re referring to the United College Fund. That the OTHER N-word is racist goes without saying.

It’s the only word there is to describe them and therefore it’s derogatory.

i dont think its degrading.

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