If you watched Obamas glorious speech last night what did you think about it?

I was so touched and cried and can’t wait to tell our baby about this history moment!
~Obama ROCKS~

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Minneapolis, just near where Obama spoke last night. AWWWW, I wish i could have gone but it would have been a late night without baby! I got the chills listening to him on the news last night.

I was just thinking this morning….&quot:What a cool thing to write in my son’s baby book!&quot:

He does rock.

tp4me4 – i can’t respect someone’s opinion on the next president who CAN’T SPELL &quot:SPEECH&quot: CORRECTLY!

I understand that he is a very elloquient speaker and that has a big effect on his words. However there is something about him that is so genuine. Yes he’s new to the game and has less experience then McCain and Clinton (who lost thank GOD). But that is much of his appeal: at least to me. He hasn’t had a real chance to be jaded and corrupted at least to the same level as someone like McCain. The portion of the speech where he went into &quot:This is the moment&quot: nearly brought me to tears. Not even because of his accomplishments or anything having to do with him. This is the first election I am old enough to vote in, and that part of the speech made me realize what a HUGE deal this election is. Even if he dosnt get to accomplish 100% of the things he plans on, it is just so paramount that we see a major change in the US policies. I have a 10 month old and I am scared ever day for her of what might happen when she is older if we contiune to live under the same style of governing which we are now. It really brought home HOW truly important ths election is. Every generation has a moment, like he said, and after that amazing speech I really do feel like this is ours!

++Honestly even if he only can accomplish a third of what he talks about that is a hell of a lot better then what we haev at the moment. And I think only the most ignorant can disagree with me at this point. I mean for god sake our current president is out chest bumping college grads! And although McCain touts this idea that he is not the same as Bush, if you look at his policies and the majority of his voting record in the senate it is along the EXACT same lines as Bush.

he might not be able to pull it off, everything he said in that dramatic ending. But it seems his hearts in the right place, and I believe in his ideals, so lets give the boy a shot. Let him give it a go. Hope he doesn’t mess things up too much. I’ve never voted before, and I was ready to not vote or vote independent, or just vote for Obama to spite McClain. But now, I like him. I’ll give him a shot and vote for him just to vote for him.

Obama Rocks I agree

I thought it was wonderful….I believe in him and I believe he is what america needs right now….everyone is always talking about how inexperienced he is in relation to foreign policy but look how experienced president bush is and look where he got us absolutely nowhere!!! I hope he would ask Hillary to be his V.P. and I hope she gladly accepts them together on a ticket we can change the world…

I thought it was great. I see a man who believes in the people of the United States and the power that the people have to solve problems. He will be the catalyst for the change we will bring to the nation.

Yeah, it touched me too. Kinda felt like gas pain. He said nothing that he hasn’t been saying over and over again, and that is he’s gonna &quot:change&quot: stuff. And that’s all he said. Don’t know what he will change, he never tells us, but I do know that the little bits of his voting record and ideology that has been revealed indicate that it won’t be pleasant. I don’t really dig socialism. Know what I mean.

Obama is a very good speaker.

Glorious? I’m not looking forward to a war with Iran that his speech this morning was about.

Obama is charismatic and a helluva public speaker…

that being said … so was Hitler.

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