If Palestinians throw stones and rockets at Israelis and Southern Israel.. Does that mean?

Israel needs to response in the same way to make them stop? Does that mean I should stone people and make my own rocket and fire it? Will that make the conflict fair and does it even make sense..?

Wars are about winning, Israel faced the best Egypt Jordan Syria Iraq could offer, these countries had as modern tanks as modern planes and as modern guns, they fought gun to gun plane to plane and….. they lost.

dont you get it Na’or ? criticism of israel – this out cry and hysterical apparant concern of palastinian human rights .. of making the conflict ”fair”

its got nothing to do with human rights – or concern for palastinians – and everything to do with expressing anti semitism and racism under the guise of some acceptable political opinion..

the palastinians are experts at playing the victim – they know exactly what they are doing and what israel will do when they throw those stones -and the pics of big israeli tanks comming in to stop those poor innocent pallys plays right into their hands…

what doesnt get told so often is that behind those innocent palastinians – is a terrorist organisation who has made it clear that its agenda is not only the destruction of israel – but of all jews – whereever they are in the world .. and one that happily sends women and children to suicide in the name of killing a handfull of jewish women and children…

ive asked this question before- and you wont get an answer – because criticism of israel isnt about being fair – its about hating jews.. nothing more …

and i guarantee if israel threw stones at palastinians – theyd still find a way to demonize us

This concept of &quot:disproportional response&quot: is total b*****t! War is not a game! Israel’s very existance is at stake! It’s ok for those &quot:goody two shoes&quot: Europeans to sit in their secure houses and critisize Israel for wanting to win its wars. Israel can not afford to show weakness…there is a whole world of wolves out there that would rip the Jewish state appart if they could! Stay strong Israel!!!

There has been about 30 rockets fired this year resulting in one death. A Thai worker was killed by a rocket.

Already Israel has bombed some parts of Gaza in retaliation and will invade Gaza again if it continues.

Israel does not want a situation where children have to be bought up in bomb shelters.

Although I do not agree with what is happening, I have a different question: What else should they do?

Should they do nothing? Then why would the Palestinians stop what they’re doing?
Should they do something far worse? For instance, as an example, send a nuclear weapon?

I’m using the two extremes to illustrate the point. Do too little, and you aren’t protecting your people.
Do too much, and international politics will destroy you as a country.

While diplomacy is always the ultimate solution (wars always end at the negotiating table), if one side is not willing to negotiate… and at this stage, it looks like neither side is willing.

If there is a bully at school does that mean you have to be a bully too? You do have the right to grow big and strong and protect yourself but answering in kind would only drag you down and uplift nothing.

No, that’s what retarded people do who are so full of hate they don’t know how to handle a situation with out using violence.

the answer is simple- leave the illegal occupied territory and everything will stop from our side if not ten yes we will one day rage a big war against that nation….

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