I really like this girl…but I just do not know if she likes me or what I should do…..?

Ok, I was at my school’s high-school basketball game, and right before it started I saw a spot near my friends…Coincidentally, it was also right beside this Freshman girl that I though was way out of my league. I am a Sophomore by the way. So, we got to talking for pretty much the entire game. We talked mainly about the game and how it was going…we ended up winning 73-71 in OT btw! I had a lot of fun with her, and by the end of the night, we had completely ignored our respective group of friends and just talked to each other. After everyone in the student section stormed the court after the big win, I told her bye and she smiled back and said bye. I was really close to asking her out right then and there, but I thought that it may be a little too early for that. I am about 70% sure she likes me, but who knows I guess. I am trying to get her number from a friend of mine so I guess I will try to sit with her at lunch on Monday??? good idea? What do all of you think of my situation…

If you spent the entire game talking and she ignored her friends, then she enjoyed the time with you. As the upper classman, you also have an advantage in that girls generally like to date either in their class, or upper classes. I think it’s rare that girls date younger while in High School. One reason for this is generally speaking, high school boys are way too immature anyway…so the freshman girl is equal to a junior boy!
Further contact would be warranted here. Perhaps you could see her at lunch and if you have time alone (don’t do it in front of her girlfriends) mention how much you enjoyed sitting next to her at the game. If she responds positively, saying she did too, bring up the fact that your team is playing (whoever) this next friday and that you’d enjoy sitting with her again. If she is positive to that, then ask her if she’d like to go to the game with you, maybe get something to eat before the game. Then see where it goes. This can be done even if it’s an away game if you have a way to get there. I don’t know how far away the game is, but that would give you a meal, the drive, the game, desert, and the drive home to talk. That would make a very nice first date.

I feel you should pine over this for the rest of the weekend untill you get yourself into such a state that you cannot sleep and become somewhat depressed. Then when you see her on Monday watch and follow her from a distance in the shadows sooner or later she will figure out wht you are doing and ask you to stop…..but this her just playing hard to get. You must be persistant do not hesitate her mind is weak and feeble continue to watch and pine she will eventually be yours.
Go forth!

if she likes you she will want to talk to you! and she will want you to talk to her, get in there and ask her out theres a large chance she will say yes and whats the worst that can happen, she will say no and that isnt at all bad, just flirt with her a little longer and get to know her more through text, go to the movies with a bunch of friends or maybe even just the two of you but im sure you two will end up together in the end!

ask her out next week after getting to know her more. Sit with her at lunch. Hug her. Then ask her out

THATS HAPPENED TO ME WITH HOW MANY GUYS…… hmm guess im a cool hore for being truthful to all guys just ask her when you want to and if you get crushed THEIR ARE TONS OF FiSh In THe SeA

u should go up to her and talk to her and maybe be friends and then ask her out… so u could get to now her better

just talk to her and be nice for a few weeks and then simple just ask her out or she might ask u out and first ask her if she has a bf

sitting with her at lunch might be a little too much

the best thing is make a common friend and find out from her/him wheather she likes u or not.

seriously just ask her out….i didn’t even read that story but that’s all you gotta do. if she says no, then at least you have balls for trying.

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