How Do I Potty train my two in a half year old son that does not talk yet?

My son just began speech therapy but is not talking yet. ( they say I will not be able to see a change until after six weeks). The services end when hes three in september and he will have to go to school but he can’t go to school if he is not potty trained. If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it. I dont want him to miss out on his education or to just be able to be like other children because of my not being able to potty train him on time.

Well, I used to work in childcare and the best way to potty train in my opinion is just to start putting him in underwear and taking him to the potty every 30 to 45 minutes…. It may sound like allot of work but getting him into underwear may be more helpful then pullups. I had quite a few little boys come through my room hating having wet pants. And, to make the potty seem more fun put cheerios in the toilot. Even though he doesnt speak he probably understands allot and all you need to tell him is to shoot the ships and sink them… If there is a male influence in the house, have him demonstrate that. Tell him to be over to top and excited to shoot the ships lol. This sounds crazy, but he may find it less of a scary thing and more of a fun thing. Also, when he does go potty, reward him. Have a bowl of fruit snacks or mms there and ready for him. Once he sees he gets a reward for doing it, he may do it more. Hope I helped….

2 years and 9 months is physically the best time to potty train a child. I personally feel that taking a child to the potty every hour is not potty training anyone but the parent. A toilet trained child lets you know when they need to go. My son is a bit younger, but showing the same signs of making me think he is ready, dry at naps and all night. I let him sit on the potty whenever he shows interest, which is usually after he has watched me go or when getting in the tub after watching his brother go. Let him guide you, only read the books or watch the video when he asks. forcing it only turns it into a power struggle between the two of you. Whenever you address potty training make it positive. When he recognizes that he peed on the floor, praise that he realizes it while cleaning it up discuss how when he feels that pressure that he can sit on the potty like a big boy. by letting my kids be the lead I have had all 3 of my potty trained kids trained and dry through the night within a week of them getting serious about it, all at 2 years 9 months, and we rarely had any accidents, as in a few per child and its when they are sick or just consider themselves too dang busy to take a break.

Just because he isn’t speaking to you doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand what you’re saying! You can use all of the normal tricks and techniques.

One trick with boys is to put cheerios or another floating cereal in the bowl and have him aim for them. Get really excited whenever he sinks one! Try to guess when he’s going to need to use the toilet yourself. It doesn’t hurt to bring him over multiple times a day and have him try, too. Have him use his while you’re using yours. It can help to have a man show him what to do. If he’s having problems standing and peeing, it doesn’t hurt to teach him to sit and pee first–just make sure he’s still pointing! A lot of times it’s easier for a mother to teach her son to pee sitting down.

As a general rule, you’re supposed to avoid negative reinforcement. Give him rewards for when he can tell that he needs to go before he wets himself, but don’t get mad at him for when he messes up, just clean him up and talk to him about how to tell next time. Keep a reward jar somewhere that he can see it. If sweets aren’t your thing (and you can make it a small sweet, like a couple of skittles or a sucker), but he loves being read to, making reading the reward–set a few of his favorite books on a shelf or buy some new books, and read one to him every time he succeeds. Don’t ban him from the reward type outside of using the potty–you can make &quot:special&quot: potty books, but keep reading him from other books. You can have &quot:special&quot: potty treats, but keep feeding him treats when you normally do, too.

Avoid shaming him into it. Don’t worry about rushing it, even though you’ve got a deadline. Here until September is plenty of time–I used to work in a daycare for toddlers. Potty-training was one of our tasks that had to be completed before the child could move up to the next class level. We had an entire group (about 10) start in June, and they were basically 100% there by September!

Watch his body signals. He’s still communicating with you even if he isn’t speaking.

Take him into the bathroom with you and explain what you are doing. Have him sit on his little potty while you sit on yours. DO NOT HAVE HIM STAND UNTIL HE HAS MASTERED THE WHOLE POTTY THING- which could be months. Praise him whether he goes or not- make a huge deal when finally does go peepee in the potty- sing and dance a little song- then tell him he gets a treat- like 3 or 4 Skittles. He’ll be more willing to please you if you praise him highly. Good Luck!

he will be able to understand you, just talk to him or have his father demonstrate. His hearing is fine?
Before you put him into the bath have him sit on the potty, and if he does anything, praise him.
Also tip any solids into the toilet in front of him and tell him that’s where it goes, don’t get stressed out over this.

Bribe him.
Give him a reward for going potty. A piece of gum or candy for example.

Keep a jar in the bathroom where he can see it. But remember only give him a treat out of that jar when he goes potty.

My mom said it worked for both me and my brother.

Good Luck

we bought a potty chair and set it next to our toilet, as kids do mine would sit on it every time we did….eventually blammo, a successful pee or poop and wow did we get happy. After that it was pretty simple because of the praise factor…get some books and set them out next to it and ask every so often if he wants to sit on the potty while you do…hope it helps…blessings

For my son it was helpful to have him potty train standing up so he could watch what was happening and see which pushing worked and what didn’t. I researched and found a safe stool with sides for the toilet. http://www.amazon.com/Elite-Child-Corporation-TPS-100-Potty/dp/B000MZKTU4
This stool made all the difference for him because he felt so comfortable and was well worth it.
Hope this helps.

take him to the potty when ever u or a male goes. Try cherrios in potty.

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