have you ever flirted w. anyone while driving or in a car?

if so how? when going to the lake w. our family, me &amp: my cousins would make a sign that said hello and hold it up to the car window at a red light and see how much pple waved back.

im a girl and a van driver.i get alot of men (or boys) at d traffic lights trying to get my attention by knocking on my window from there cars!or making the &quot:call me&quot: sign with there fingers.or hooting at me! and shouting and whisteling. i wont really call it flirting.i think its more like trying to get my attention!its quite funny. or they try and race me (???) lol

Yes, of course. Said hi at a stop sign, chatted for a little while while driving after it and got a phone number in the end.

I have flirted before with like a boyfriend just kinda flirt and keep him interested until you get to where u wanna go……

oh yeah! car flirting! 50% of car accidents happen while flirting or checkin out someone while driving!

dat’s my morning &amp: evening habit…
i just keep on staring @ d cars nxt 2 us until they’re out of sight

policemen when I get pulled over .

Never have.

I do it a lot.. &amp: responses are great!!!!


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