Do you consider any difference between Iranian people and the Islamic regime of Iran?

I’m Iranian. Our people really hate the regime and the regime men always put us Iranian down with their words in the world. Although Iran has its own original religion,language and own mythology and stuff, the president and the supreme dictator leader always start their speeches in Arabic. Their faces don’t even look Iranian. Iran is a country with 25 centuries history of Imperialism and 80 centuries history of Persian civilization.
Our Achaemenid Emperor, Cyrus the great, with his grace was known as the lord of the four corners of universe. When we invaded other countries he didn’t kill people and let domestics keep their own religion and cultures. He was the first person in the history that recorded the human rights on a stone
In the Persepolis, on the walls it is written that Cyrus once said I’ll let them (residents of the countries he invaded) to keep their beliefs since one day, they will realize that only one God exists and will all sink in a pond of shame
He put women as the governesses of the states and considered them as gifts from god but today, the regime believes that women are only worth half of the men. They consider lots of discrimination between men and women. Sometimes, they say really stupid things like Americans are advanced in technology because they live in 2012 AD but we live in 1390 HS: Did they have our technology at 1390 AD? Like they don’t know we live at the same time.
Nevertheless, do you guys know that there is really a big difference between Iranian people and their dictator regime? And that they really do hate their regime? (of course there are some people who for some strange reasons agree with the regime but I, as an Iranian, lived in Iran for 12 years and never heard ANYONE talking for the government, not against them)

I don’t think there’s a very huge difference.

You obviously haven’t lived long enough in Iran’s society or seen different classes of people.

I want to share with you my point of view as a person who’s lived and worked in Iran all his life and has seen a good deal of all different type of people and cultures. I’ve also wondered alot about why Iran is what she is today. Why the revolution happened. Where do my country and my people stand among the world’s nations and countries, etc

You talk about the glory of persian empire and the kindgom of cyrus as if it’s a contemporary thing that we can relate to modern world! We can certainly be proud of our past and boast about it but don’t forget it was 2500 years ago! and Since then many things have changed! You can’t simply skip more than 2 thousands years that lies in between.

We have two extreme views, those who want to totally forget all Persian cultural traits and history and only associate Iran with Islam. And those who ignore the role of religion and subsequent mixture of persians with different cultures and races , they only talk about persian empire and dream up a utopia and crave for it!

Both views are not in line with the reality of Iran’s society.

Iran is religious country no matter how you see it , we’re not arabs, we’re persians influenced by persian culture, nevertheless the average Iranian is a muslim shiite with the sort of mentality that comes with it.

The average Iranian is a mixture of different races and sadly not very educated, doesn’t read books and doesn’t know much about the world around him. He might have 2500 years of history but doesn’t know much about it either, he has taken part in a revolution that overthrew the king and established the Islamic regime.

So the kind of regime you see in power today did not really come out of nowhere or from a meteor impact! It came from the choice of Iranians just about 30 years ago!

You claim the face of the leader and other politicians doesnt look like iranians!? let me guess, you probably have visited Iran occassionally and then when you come here you’re surrounded with family members and people of upper class status, hang out in places that are expensive or intended for tourists and that of course gives you an impression of what iran is. but that’s only a part of it.

Have you ever visited south of Tehran or smaller cities? Workers of a factory or a farmer ? That will surely change your idea about who iranians are. Suddenly the picture can change, an iranian who is not religious, likes to party and doesnt like to wear Hijab , is well to do and educated , believes in rights of women and talks politics and persian history … that gives way to an iranian who is a firm muslim believer, thinks women must wear hijab and preferably not work or drive! His biggest dream could be to go to Mecca or Kerbala.

So on a whole I don’t think there’s a big difference between our people and our regime. I don’t mean people like the current situation or are happy with the state of affairs but never forget the current regime of Iran is not the result of a foreign invasion. It is the result of a revolution in which people voted for this type of regime and they followed after the mullas. That should teach you alot about the type of people iranians are.

We have quite a few Persians here in California, and I think they are fine people. They have very good manners, and they seem very intelligent. And they make great kabobs! 8^)

I’m afraid the US is to blame for much of the trouble in Iran. In 1953 the Iranian people legitimately elected a president who promised to nationalize the oil industry so as to keep more wealth in the country and raise the standard of living of his people. So the US got him out of office and installed their own choice of leader, the Shah. For 25 years the Shah ruled with an iron fist, growing incredibly wealthy himself as his country got poorer and poorer. The US supported him in every way, giving him weapons and training his own personal military/police force in how to keep his own people under control.

The way it was explained to me was that under the Shah, Iranian citizens were not allowed to assemble except in two places (1) fake rallies in support of the Shah’s regime and (2) mosques. Not surprisingly, the revolution grew up in the mosques.

There is nothing wrong with Islam, but religious people who are passionate enough to gain control of governments are usually extremists, and out of touch with the actual needs of their people. This is why we wrote ‘separation of church and state’ into our own constitution here in the US.

At this point in our history (US) the Republican Party is trying to goad President Obama into taking some aggressive action against Iran. But Iran wisely spent its money on DEFENSIVE weapons, not OFFENSIVE ones. So it has no real capability, or intention, of making trouble for Israel or any of its neighbors, but it’s well-defended against US aggression. President Bush desperately wanted to bomb Iran, just as a token gesture, but he wasn’t able to. The fact remains, Iran is a sovereign nation and if they want to develop nuclear weapons we can do nothing to stop them.

Speaking of Persian history, our own modern religions all owe a huge debt to Zoroaster. Zoroasterianism was the first form of monotheism, and came up with ideas that were passed on to the Jews and from there to Christianity. Zoroastarianism was the first religion that insisted on a code of moral conduct, had an apocalypse and judgement day, reward for righteousness and punishment for wickedness, etc. etc. The first religion with prophesy!

People I talk to around the world (on the Internet) all seem to understand that there’s a difference between American people and the American government. It’s the same with Iran. Except here we got to pick our government, not so with Iran.

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