Conservatives, why is Trump doing so well in GOP polls?

Does it worry you that Trump, who is tied for first place in GOP primary polls, is a crazy a**hole with no qualifications or knowledge whatsoever? What is happening to your party?

Because the left is obsessed with him so it gives him a boost from our side as we love making liberals mad

Why would ‘Trump’ worry Conservatives?

I suspect that much of what he is saying is reflected in the sentiment of most Americans!

On the contrary, shouldn’t it be the Liberals/Progressives that are feeling heat from his popularity!

As far as his qualifications…..isn’t that a subject Democrats should avoid!

Trump has no qualifications? LOL! As opposed to Obama who never had a job or any executive position? YOUR FUNNY! LOL

Trump is a brilliant extremely successful leader. He’s also got a set of balls that most of the Republicans seem to lack, except ironically, Palin, lol

GOP’s fall from grace. It lasted less than 1 year and they already alienated the entire country. Even after the flood of corporate money into the tea party.

no, it doesn’t worry me being a democrat, but it does remind me of john and sarah when they ran together showing the world that we don’t have decent people running for office in our country because they, like us, can see them who they really are, a bad choice.

Well like most Americans I have never met a pollster

NASCAR fans like to watch hunting shows and the Apprentice

It did not worry liberals that I was incompetent socialist Muslim community organizer, why should conservatives worry about Mr. Trump.

It’s the result of media hyping.


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