civic si vs. integra gsr?

OK, so i’ve narrowed my search for cars down to a civic si or integra gsr. they both are GREAT cars….but between the 2, i don’t know what i want. i love everything on both cars. can someone tell me what they’d pick ONLY FROM THOSE 2 CARS and why?? maybe this will help me make up my mind….

i would get a civic si if you can get it better fuel economy than integra more horse power and probably last longer too.
since i had an integra rs and broke down too much even the door handle fell off so yes pick the si you will have lots of fun and save gas in the process.
integra has 172 horses civis si has almost 200 but at the end the choice is yours it depends on how you drive and what you like to do w/ them but i would get the SI!

I have an Si and love it…

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