Astrology…? Are you true to your Sun Sign?

VIRGO here… I am very aware of who I am! Recently, I had a psychic reading that was spot on as far as my abilities to be a perfectionist. I can achieve many things as far as being a good Mother, having a great career, &amp: juggling day to day chores. However, my biggest down fall is relationships, which is far too true. My expectations are high as in I cannot allow someone to not be perfect. If in a relationship &amp: the guy screws up, I take the blame or instantly forgive instead of letting him have a fault. Or better yet, I exit out with the first sign of him letting me down. Has anyone else figured out HOW to change the characteristics of your being &amp: brought in a new way of thinking? If so, how did you overcome a trait so many of you have being born under your sun sign?

Well yes I act somewhat like my Taurus sun, but I also act like my Pisces moon and my Virgo rising. I being a Virgo too know exactly were your coming from. I am very critical too and I really do it out of love, but it always gets taken the wrong way. I find that I get upset emotionally (Pisces and all) but that darn Virgo just doesn’t shut-up. Noticing every detail every flaw, it drives me crazy in a way but it also makes me realize that I am not perfect either. Do you know your other signs? Moon and rising and all your planets. This can also help you to better understand yourself too.

Hi Left-T: Glad to see you back! Well, for me, as a Scorpio, it makes sense. I have always loved the water. There is a lake across the street from my house, as well. Ideal vacation spot must include the ocean and palm trees. I also am a big water drinker. When I’m feeling stressy/taxed, I take a couple more chugs, or slap some on my face, and back of my neck. I also love thunderstorms. So, yes, for me, this certainly applies. Earth and Fire are right behind it though. Don’t really care about mountains, though. I agree with Isabelle too, in that, some days you need this, and some days you need that. Maybe its the Gemini factor for me (moon) and Isabelle (rising, I’m pretty sure)

Well, I’m cancer &amp: I’m moody &amp: crabby as the day is long &amp: that has been pretty hard to overcome.



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