APPROXIMATELY how expensive is it for 4 new tires? for a 2000- volkswagen jetta tdi?


I purchase tires for my 01 golf annually because I log way too may miles when winter comes around, For a Good Set Like Michelin or good year, Around $430-$450 after mail in rebate. You don’t have to go with what came on the car.

15, 16 or 17-inch wheels?

What brand and model of tire do you want?

Could be $400 to $900 for a set depending on the answers to those questions which is far too big a range to be useful. I suggest doing like normal people and instead of asking strangers on the internet to guess, just visit some local tire shops and get recommendations and quotes. That only makes sense since none of use are in any danger of actually selling you a tire so what we say means nothing.

More like $400+

you really couldnt call a local tire shop? really?

anywhere from 300+

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