Antonio DeMarco vs. Michael Katsidis for the WBC Lightweight Title on April 28th on the Hopkins-Dawson II card?

BQ:] Golden Boy Promotions announced that the Bernard Hopkins vs. Chad Dawson
mandatory rematch will be taking place on April 28, 2012 in Atlantic City New Jersey
at Boardwalk Hall B-Hop has had success at that arena defeating both Kelly Pavlik &amp:
Antonio Tarver there at that venue. The under card will feature newly crown Lightweight
Champion Antonio DeMarco vs. Michael Katsidis for WBC Lightweight Championship I
think it will be Michael Katsidis last chance to capture a belt against elite competition.
Both fights will be aired on HBO World Championship Boxing who wins the other fight?

Katsidis vs. De Marco would be a classic fight. Assuming Michael still got his blood and guts attitude, de Marco really hits hard though I am not a fan of him especially after I saw his fight against Valero where he threw a deliberate elbow to open up a nasty cut on the already deceased Valero. Anyhow, this would be a great show I think that will display inner fighting. de Marco via ref stoppage in the middle rounds.

Hello sir. This will probably be Katsidis’s last shot at a World title so let’s hope he brings it all to the table and is physially and mentally prepared. DeMarco is a rugged and tough figher with outstanding power and not against using some questionable tactics if you catch my drift. Still while it lasts it should be a very entertaining and exciting fight. I give Kasidis a chance at this one if he still has that intensity, but must fo with DeMarco by 11th round TKO. In the other fight, I believe that Dawson will derail the BHop train knocking him down early in the fight and then hanging on for a split decision victory.

Aren’t there no other viable contenders for De Marco? The last time I saw Katsidis win in a championship match was years ago against an over-matched Filipino challenger. Since then he has been stopped at least thrice, including one in brutal fashion by Juan Manuel Marquez.

I really like DeMarco he’s another great blood and guts warrior type. These other fighters I don’t really care to see. B-hop? Katsidis? I’ll pass on this one….

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