An 18 year old with a 23 year old okay?

Is it socially acceptable for a 18 year old boy to go out with a 23 year old girl? She gave me her number and all and is extremely gorgeous. i dont really care about the age difference because she is more mature than anyone ive met my age… But i just wonder how society will react. I was in the 7th grade the year she graduated lol.

Who cares what society thinks, unless one party is physically incapable or making rational decisions of course.

Well to answer your question, it’s pretty much acceptable. You’re legal, she’s legal, as long as you don’t get her to buy you drinks or something there’s nothing wrong.

Yes, it is perfectly fine. I’m a 17 year old girl with a 29 year old boyfriend. As long as you are both happy, and neither of you are planning on hurting the other, it is acceptable. Age is just a number – 100 years ago, there were 12 year old girls with 30 year old men. If you are both mature and safe about it, enjoy each others company, and are happy, it’s good.

If she EVER hurts you, or you EVER hurt her, leave. Immediately.

if you are 17 in some states or 18 in others, you can do whatever you want with whoever….just wait until you are in your 30s and hungry cougars pounce all over you at work.

u r of legal age !

you are ok man

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