Would you like to see more or less games played in Japan?

Personally, I think it’s nice to have a few games played in Japan, but I don’t want it to be a regular thing. I would have been able to go to the Red Sox’s Opening Day if it was in Boston this year, but since it’s in Japan I (obviously!) can’t. So in that instance, I’d like LESS games to be played in Japan.

So do you have an opinion on games that are played in Japan?

I know our player’s would like to see less (alot less) The time change really screws up their bodys,I heard the Red sox have Jet Lag pretty bad,The yankees went a few yrs ago and it took them 6 weeks to get back to normal.I would like to see less because opening day should be here in the ol US of A,,,this is nothing against Japan i have the up most respect for the country and the players.But i feel baseball is america’s past time and the Red Sox won the WS last yr their fan’s should have had the honor to watch them play their 1st game at home.

From what I see this is MLB brand marketing its baseball product globally. I am not sure what they want to get out of it in the end. More players from japan, merchandise sales, media contracts? Those will give more revenue to MLB which is great but how does that help the average fan or ball club? But the Japanese fans are really into it so I am not opposed to it. Just as long as the Sox don’t do it every year. Just surprised they chose the A’s as the opening day team they played against. I would have thought it would be Seattle since they have Ichiro and that would be exciting for the Japanese fan base.

They are making a fortune over there in Japan. They are at Rock Star status over there with David Ortiz right in the middle of it all. Its great. Have you seen it on the television of them over there? Well if you didnt, it wont be long. It all right to have a few games over there, but the majority will be played back in the USA and the peeps from Japan will be following it very step of the way. Very very good for the Red Sox and Baseball in general.

I think I would like to see a international league formed that includes teams from Japan, Korea, China, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Cuba etc that play inter league games against the NL and AL with the winner of the World Series playing the international league winner for a true World Series. Theres just too much talent in the world to keep it in the US anymore.

I have no problem with exhibition games in Japan. But, I really don’t like having games that count in the standings played in Japan. I know it helps to market the game, and generates a lot of revenue, but from a pure baseball sense, I don’t really like it. It’s hard enough to play games from one coast to the other. The travel time, the time zones, the jet lag, all make it logistically difficult, and unfair to the teams that have to play those games. Unless, they decide to have every team play at least one series across the globe every year to make it fair. But that’s really the only problem I have with it.

I think that each team should play one or two games in Japan

Then they should make it into an international thing

They make enough money, they should be able to pay their way to the destination

next thing you know the MLB is playing in Argentina and in Switzerland

so I vote for more

Edit: My personal opinion is that I love Japan and I love baseball so combining the two makes for one awesome vacation, dont you think so?

i think its a good thing for now….. but obviously, the competition is not the same in japan as it is in north america, so this annual showcase of talent will get old quickly…. but i think it will eventually evolve into, for example, the baseball champions of asia playing the mlb champs for world supremacy… it will get some excitement going.. right now its new, the fans there love it and the mlb gets more publicity and a bigger market…. the nba and nhl are also doing similar things across the globe… i think this is just the beginning of games played out of north america… i think its good for the game but i wont lose any sleep over it if they stop playing overseas games…

I would like to see more and not fewer games played in Japan. They have a wonderfully crazy fanatical atmosphere that makes ours seem rather passive.

In addition to seeing more MLB games in Japan, I’d actually like to see some Japanese league games televised here once in a while. Maybe MLB is afraid that they would attract higher ratings than some boring Rays-Royals game would…?

Id like Less games too because it does so much to the players bodies. They are worn out from the trip and then they go straight to the game! When they get back all these fresh teams are playing them when they just want to sleep.

THen again keep sending the redsox if that is my logic! Haha just kidding

You can, but here’s something you need to know: The game will start up just like it does in the states. The only thing is, you’ll be very far from the servers that Americans play on. Therefor, you’ll have a slower connection. But you can play on the Japanese servers just fine. So, to summarize, you can play them, just expect lag unless you want to play against the Japanese.

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