Will you vote for another Republican (JOHN MCCAIN) after what BUSH did??

Will you vote for another Republican (JOHN MCCAIN) after what BUSH did?? in november??

If Obama is my alternative- then YES.

Well I can’t say that I will never vote Republican since I am registered Independent and look at each candidate objectively rather than through the lens of political party. Unfortunately Mr. MCCAIN is a fraud. He will do nothing in regards to our borders and he will continue the Bush doctrine of spending money that America quite frankly doesn’t have. I will vote democrat in November and hope for better choices in the next election cycle.

What makes you think that the democrats wouldn’t do the same?
They’re all big government socialist. And if you’re talking about the war, the only candidate that say straight and without a doubt that he will take the troops back is Ron Paul. And Ron Paul is the only politician I know of that keeps his word.
All the others went around the issue without a clear position with the exception of McCain who wants the &quot:job completed&quot: (whatever that means).

First I am a Democrat and hope to vote for Senator Obama. But as a Vietnam Vet have a lot of respect for John McCain and believe he tells the truth more than most of the used car salesman-sorry I mean politicians. I may be pursuaded to vote for Senator McCain if Senator Clinton is the candidate-I just believe she has learned how to lie too well like her husband.

I’ve heard a lot of people refusing to vote for McCain because of Bush. So if Bush wasn’t a republican then would they vote for McCain? Seens like a silly way to decide which way to vote. People should decide who they think would be the best president.

I support Ron Paul who is a Republican. There are many good principles in the Republican party, but it has lost its way.

I would not vote for John McCain, but that is in good part because to my mind he is NOT a true Republican.

I like and respect John McCain, but when he cuddled up to President George Bush yesterday, I was doubly concerned about his caving to the pressures of the radical right.

Some of what I had always admired was his maverick streak. He was willing to work with Democrats, and did some good things over the years.

However, I’ve resolved to vote Democratic, regardless of which candidate is the eventual nominee. I’m completely disillusioned with the Republican mindset.

I will absolutely vote for John McCain. He is a great American and he is the only candidate on either side of the political aisle with the experience and common sense to lead our nation. The only change we will have from Obama is what will be left in our pockets after he is done creating huge goverment programs and making us all broke. Ditto for Clinton.


Hmmmm, I coulda swore John McCain and President Bush were 2 different people so therefore I wouldnt say any problems in this country aren’t John McCain’s fault so yes I will vote republican again and I will be proud to wear my anti-liberal shirt to the polls.

While McCain has more character than bush does, in that he has some, he still wants a path very similar to Bush and that clearly is not working.

McCain would be a continuation of failed policies, I’m afraid.

can’t vote for him. I support Obama now, but will support Clinton if she is the nominee.

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