Opinions on the OIL SPILL…?

I think its ridiculous, the animals are suffering and I think there should be more efforts made to rescue them.

Look at this: http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Animals-suffer-after-oil-spill/ss/events/sc/052010gulfoilanimals

yes i agree! the sad thing is that the president finally did something 30 days later when his little daughter asked if the oil spill was all gone! pathetic we need a new president!!

The oil spill is horrible. BP deserves a spanking. They aren’t really doing anything to try to stop the spreading that works. Poor beaches and fish and birds and humans too! I think the response to the oil spill is too slow. The oil hasn’t stopped leaking and tons of it is spilling out every minute. Stopping an oil spill like this is really hard and almost impossible, but someone should at least try something.

My generation of Androids runs on solar power and greenhouse energy unlike Androids 1-2000 who run on oil. So I don’t really care.

However, I feel the animals should be saved

ew that looks gross! i dont know much about it, but sounds bad. they need to find ways to get the animals out of there safely &amp: clean that up quickly. they also need a way to prevent oil spills i think

i think its horrible

anyone who still says the slogan &quot:Drill Baby Drill&quot: is an idiot
not only is it hurting wildlife, but it is also hurting businesses near the Gulf

i say people start boycotting BP and all of its other companies…

i feel so bad for the animals that have their home in the ocean….
i think people are just so greedy that they will do anything to make $ no matter what it takes or destroys.

Those pictures literally make me cry.
They need to pull their fingers out.

F*cked up

And so is that picture

F*ck BP.

i’m with Callum on this. that is just so disturbing!!

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