If Condoleeza Rice Decided To Run For President In the 2008 Election Would You Vote For Her???

Why or why not???

yes, absolutely- she’s probably the smartest person in Washington at the moment- look at her academic record it’s unbelievable- people sometimes give me sh** saying I’m sexist or racist b/c I would never vote for Hillary or Obama- and then I usually surprise the sh** out of them when I say I would vote for Condoleeza…she would be my first choice- I would love to see her be the next Pres…great question!

Yes, of course i would vote for her because i just think that she would make an excellant president. She has good values and great relations with other countries. She is just what the US needs. A Real Woman president.

No. I don’t view her as a strong secretary of state why would I vote for her as President, and judging from the people she hangs out with, I find her integrity suspect.

Only if her running mate was Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice

The princess of darkness has only one duty in BUSH WORLD that is to serve and protect the Boy King, once the Boy King is dethroned she will disappear into the good night with a broken heart knowing that she can never be queen, never mind King

To me, being a woman should have no bearing on what kind of decisions Condi Rice would make as a president. She is a very intelligent woman and not only that but she is going to be surrounded by people who can help her and guide her through any situation that may present itself. It would be an honor to have a woman as president, and by her being a woman it should not have any bearing as to whether she should be one.

no, I don’t like to waste my vote on the hopeless, not that she is a bad person, but I don’t think she could draw a substantial number of voters. 1 exception, I would if she were running against Hillary.

I wouldn’t vote for her because she is a Bush remote control. I can already feel the thumbs down coming.

Noooo, and if she grew to become into working as vp with McCain i might have replaced my vote and did the unspeakable….i might vote for Hilary (if Obama grew to become into working i might carry on with McCain, nonetheless).

Yes, I would vote for Condoleeza Rice for President just as soon as hell freezes over. And I don’t mean Hell, MI.

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